Click 'n' Dodge

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Don't right click, touch the walls or touch the red baddies. Click the button to get points, and every 40 points a new level appears, and a new fail message will appear when you die.
Try and beat my top score of 247!

Edit: Thanks everyone for the great comments! I can't believe this got a better score than muffintastic quest. Ah well, I suppose I have a fairly unique sense of humour.

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Loved the game! got my new high score of like 150 or something, Lukie Pookie. :)

awesome game, I'll beat your high score spud, don't you worry... wait, yes you will!

Hahaha I loved it!

Wow, this was a fun game. Basically, you have to click the button as many times as you can, before one of the floating shapes (the enemy) floats into you, causing you to "die". This game, simple as it may seem, really gets you to think strategically, if you want to do well. It would have been better if it got progressively harder as it went on, with more and more floating shapes, but there weren't! I got the high score (over 1500) and in the end I gave up because my mouse got too sweaty. If you find the right strategy, you can play this game infinitely. Until then, you'll have a great time. Oh and I had the same problem as someone else; there were two songs playing at the same time, it sounded awful. Once I reached about 1300, there was no music at all!

top of the world

this game is easy i got 700 my first try whats the hard thing about it you just click?


i think i get the game, all you do is click right? it just seems to simple, why would you make this. isnt the game just luck to whether you do well or not?


it was decent, nothing more.

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4.19 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2008
3:28 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid