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Enjoy this little game I made; it's simple, but formidable.

EDIT: This game has a glitch where it thinks it's loaded when it hasn't. This makes the music sometimes not play and disables the special features.

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There are 2 games in one

The most common game to see is a coin collector game. You can collect coins but you don`t get a reward. WAAHHH )'; NO REWARDDDD
And the other game is a bomb dodger. Going out of the screen is a cheat (-: It makes you not lose any points
How to play the different games:
Simple...Click play until you get the one you want. (0:
Kwing`s other games rock...Check `em out.

Kwing responds:

The whole point was to confuse people in the Review section.


Different game every time you press PLAY!

Kwing responds:

... Uh, funny story about that...


i was playing this expecting something unexpected to happen...i got to 100 coins and didn't see anything...also i didn't hear any music...maybe i didn't play for long enough...an awesome game though, keep up the good work

Kwing responds:

Lol... Thanks for sticking with it so long. There is music, actually. Not sure why you didn't hear anything. Nothing happens eventually; you just keep collecting coins.

EDIT: Got back to you on the audio problem. It appears that the game 'loads' before it's actually loaded. I've let it wait several seconds before playing, and then it plays the music. Funny thing is if I close it and reopen it, it has to load it again. Must be some kind of bug.

Simple, yet boring!


That game was too simple.

Kwing responds:

Oh, I digress, unenlightened one... >:)


Hmm...It's simple but not formidable for the fact!
Moving around to get coins without any obstacles or enemies, scores without any highscores sheet. Plus the character itself should not move out of border, if it does, it should come back from the otherside of the border....I guess improving on that would be good enough!!
Otherwise, the graphics were quite well done!

Kwing responds:


Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2008
10:24 PM EDT
Skill - Other