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Real Name: "The Extra-Credit Portion of The Impossible Quiz 2"
There WAS a first, but, well, let's just say it suffered from a severe case of IT FAILED-itis.
All original questions, gadgets, AND music!
All NOT original architecture!
I'll try to upload the finished version here, but it will take some ingenuity to work out the filesize issue.
See "Fact of the Day" for why the handwriting is how it is.
If you think that it's "nonsensical" or something like that, imagine what it would be if it was easy! personally, I'd rather not...
I sure hope I didn't do this! --> "You may parody existing Flash submissions, but you must use your own artwork and not rip another author's art." I don't think I did, only small things were taken from the Impossible Quiz 2.
My personal favorite questions to make would be Final Jeopardy! (spoiler!) and the one with the RUBBER BOMB (spoiler again!)

Seeyah later!

For the finished version, the option buttons (the purple ones) will be changed to an original image.
A couple of questions have been changed because of compatibility issues.
Also, I changed the music around, just because I am making more music fairly often.
That's it for the edit!

[EDIT #2:]
Question 8 is too hard. Just press the caps lock key.

[EDIT #3:]
I apparently forgot to mention that this is a demo. The full game should be released RELATIVELY SOON!

Seeyah later!

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can u do the questions?
what is this? a bedroom
2 plus 2

a rip off of the impossible quiz, at least the impossible quiz let you right click.


Over all this is a very well-built tribute to the impossible quiz with just few faults, some resulting in an obvious find. First of all, it you would be much better off spending some time creating your own neat font so you don't have to do so much work editing. Also, it would "neaten" things up a notch. The graphics are pretty good and very creative, though some questions pretty much ruin small portions of the quiz... or should I say the "fill-in" questions. All questions should have good logical answers and not be so over sracastically funny. You want all the answers to make at least 0.0000001% sense rather than making the question a complete guess. (No offense according to splapp-me-do's Impossible quiz (1)) So far, I am finding much fun in this game of yours, besides the fact I recently gave up, and probably will continue, at the second "simon says" question, which is somewhere around in the late 40s. Possibly 50 or 51, but no further. Some things need some re-making, but other than that, this is a pretty decent game full of really stressful annoying music, and mostly good sense questions... kinda. Therefore I give you a 6/10. To me, a 6 is pretty good or ok. Definatly not your best and or THE best, but just something I may play a few times. Good job :)

Sumwungye responds:

Now, when you say "'fill-in' questions," which, specifically, are you referring to?

Yes, the music was made way too long ago; as said in the description, the full quiz will have much better music, no annoying tests at all.

And, the questions that have no way at all of knowing or thinking of the answer in any way whatsoever (aka the opposite day question) have a purpose in the quiz, besides the question itself...I can't really explain without giving away too much ;)

And I think that, regarding neatness, if it's still legible, it makes the quiz just the right amount more impossible, in that respect... :)

Thank you for your time :D

Not bad

It's not perfect, but it isn't as bad as people make it out to be. One problem I have with the game itself is the writing; it'll be good if you made it look just a little neater.

Sumwungye responds:


It's Alright

There were some very good questions in there. But what lets you down is your presentation and the graphics. The only thing that actually appealed to me is the trumpets. I think people are saying bad because, being honest, it looks bad. A good game nontheless, but just try and work on the presentation and the graphics a bit next time :).

Sumwungye responds:


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4.23 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2008
9:08 PM EDT
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