Fallen Angel Ep. 1 (Pt1)

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UPDATE 1/11/12

The first details have finally been announced about the upcoming second and third episodes of the Fallen Angel series. The information can be found at my new blog (URL below). You can expect some big changes to come to the FASeries site in the upcoming weeks as more info about the new episodes is revealed.



Euphoric Creations presents...

Part One

Over four years in the making! Today marks the completion of the most extensive and ambitious film project I've ever attempted... the first official episode in the Fallen Angel animated series!

Due to the episode's large size, it has been split into three sections. To see the other parts, click on the "Related Submissions" menu on the left side of this screen.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy the film. Let me know your thoughts!



best part

The best is the foreboding of wat is going to happen

both sides

i liked it the animation could have used some work though but the only problem is that it was stricly from the americans point of view you could have show what everyone else was thinking while america the once great nation is now falling, dont get me wrong just because im Canadian does not mean i have anything against America im just saying i have always liked shows were it shows both sides of the story overall i hope to see more.

I'm here to give an opinion, not to kiss ass

That being said I really don't feel this is as good as other people say. I was hoping for some type of evolution from the teaser, but I still feel like I'm sitting here watching some random flash animation. Again that sounds silly, but if you really think about all the best flash animations did you FEEL as though you were watching a flash animation or did it feel as though it was something that could seriously be aired? The sound is great, but as for the animation I can't, in all honesty, tell you its anything better than good. I hope you continue to develop your skill, but I'm not giving you an easy break just because you made a long flash animation.

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Finish it or tell us your not goin to. You suck.

Seriously dude,
I've been looking forward to watching this whole series since 2004 and you've only done 1 episode. It's 2011 now. What the hell man? Tell us if your not going to finish it, post something onto the series website or something. 7 years and one episode, 3 years since anyones even known what's going on. Are you still trying to get this to feature length film or are you just done with this project all together?
I'm giving it a 5 because it looks like it could be awsome but nothing really happens to the main character and you threw this project aside so I wish I never saw it.


This series is the best serious Flashes I've ever seen on Newgrounds. Though I liked the main character's appearance better in the Trailer, you're artistry on everything from machines to nature is just as gorgeous as the first!

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