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Ur Banned

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Ur banned!

I remixed Rig's sexy loop, You're Banned, into a small song for this loop. Also, if you're an epileptic, there are a few parts that may cause a seizure.

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Yes He Does

He idiot banned me in 1 day and i use this


I laughed so hard at this movie.

If I ever become into a mod...

... I'm going to PM this to the users I banned from the forums.


this should be a video message if u got banned


I love the words Z0MG and P00ZYC0CKS now. Haha. The remix voice sounds so much better than the original. I love it. It sounds like Satan is laughing at you. I agree with all the people that think that when you try to post while you're banned that it should play this. Hilarious video. Great quality animation too. All in all, just an amazing flash.

- michelinman