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defenetly not my best work. its an older movie thats been gathering didgital dust. so i finaly added sounds and finished.

Luigi gets to Roy koopa and saves yoshi. but somethings wrong (it is like this in the real SMW.)



This is really really cool


enough said !! xD

Very Funny!

First off, it was a great sprite vid. I liked how you started off with Luigi just pummeling Roy, Then at the end when Mario comes up and Luigi is so angry, that was a nice cannon you gave him!

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Short, funny, well-animated, makes a point! If this isn't your best work as you say in the Author Comments, your good stuff must kick serious ass!

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XD I know that isn't going to be good for Mario!

~~==My Review on the Movie==~~
= Concept - MARIO?!! ><

Luigi does all the work. Mario gets all the praise for it. Thats how it is with the text in those Mario games ever since the Mario bros series finished.
XD Well, this was an entertaining short flash.
Luigi showed us how he can kick butt also, so never underestimate him (especially when he wields the cannon)
~~==Any Improvements - Animation==~~
= Quick and funny.
The animation was good, the movement and sprites were also done well.
I don't see anything wrong. You should make a collection of short parodies and add this to them :) It would be entertaining.

= Music. Good selection of Sound n Music to go with it.
Super Mario World has a great soundtrack.

A funny piece of work. I chuckled, I would like to see more. :) You get a good score from me as it shows something that luigi has to live with and it being something we luigi fans can laugh about. Good work.

Rank =09/10 - Score = 4.50/5.00
~Shadow Dinosaur~ ~ the D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R -K-I-N-G ~

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3.99 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2008
2:01 AM EDT
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