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October 23, 2008 –
April 1, 2009
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Author Comments

Well here it is. The pilot intro to what will hopefully be a developers show about My cousin Evan and I.

In the show we will take real life situations, or comedic stuff that has actually happened to us, and relate it to what we do best.

Jeremy- Flash animator

Evan - Music Composer

* Thank you to Michael425 for the great theme song, you rock bra ! *

Pretty sweet no? Yeah so hopefully a pilot episode will be up your way before the new year. If were lucky in a month. Depends how much work is put into this. If all goes well, this intro will most likely be updated.

This was probably my first real flash, and it is not even a story. It is to get you hyped up on the crazy stuff that actually happens to my buddy and I.

Well comment on it because I love to hear! And please vote considerably, because I did work hard on it, it is my first, and their is tons of room for improvement!


Its like a sort of trailer of some sort, though 'intro' is a better word for it.
The music is trippy and the characters look cool and as the intro plays out it kind of gives a basic idea of what will befall the two main characters introduced in this flash.
Overall its showing a good example, though at this point the animation seems somewhat rigid. Hopefully this won't appear in the episodes coming up after this one.


But I wish that there was more animation!! It was amusing and short, I'd be interested in what the show is about anyways, but I still felt that it was a little mediocre.... sorry.

By all means though, keep working at it. Flash is tough! You'll get better.

I have faith in this! Develop it!!! :]


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