Catch The Coin

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This is my first as3 project, i made it to just practice and grasp the concepts of as3. I WILL be making a catch the coin 2 and it will be a lot better graphics wise and the game play will improve!

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Cool game! Fun little set up. I like the way you have health, it'd be cool in the next one if occasionally something passed through the screen to up health, but didn't bounce back so you only have one chance to get it. Nicely done for a first as3 project, though!

Its kool

its a cool avoider, its addicting.

pretty goood....

i liked it....good concept i had fun...

-some things i personally would like to see in future...
maybe some power ups in later levels....more health ....a way to attack etc...

and most importantly a sound when you get hit by the red thing


Nice job

Very fun. I caught a glitch as I was playing. The ball was sort of stuck in the ceiling. Might wanna watch out for those little things in future projects.

Game winning catch...

I like the simple premise and mechanics of the game of catching the coins while avoiding the enemies and racking up a monstrous score. It would be awesome to see some power-ups in the next release such as a shield that would deflect the enemies (maybe a 3 hit counter before it depletes). Player attacks like a shock-wave to shatter the red minions (perhaps 1 shot per unit) or some 5-second invisibility or invincibility rush. Of course more enemies would appear to replace the fallen. Perhaps include various higher point value coins that appear for a limited time (3 or more for some chain-reaction-combo-points?).

I liked the health meter especially when things got hectic; maybe include some sort of health bonus items to appear every so often. Could you add a death-type animation when the player's health counter hits 0? Some various sized enemies or even walls within the game-field (e.g. lined with spikes, electricity or fire etc.) to avoid would also add to the challenge.

I am sure that the next release of "Catch the Coin" you will include a rocking soundtrack, more sound effects and some varied backgrounds (themed-levels?). I look forward to it.

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3.75 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2008
8:33 PM EDT
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