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This game was inspired by an animated gif that was floating around the net a few months ago right after the Democratic primary.

A decent knowledge of politics is recommended to get all the jokes and satire, but hopefully most people will still find the game amusing even if you're not into politics much.

Also for those who get offended, play through the whole game and you'll see I pretty much poke fun at everyone so relax!

Finally, if you dig this game check out my major project SocioTown (www.sociotown.com). It's a web-based 3D social MMO.

Enjoy the game!

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For the start, it was a decent game. But the screen blacked out after the battle no matter where I went. I rated this game 2.5 because it was actually pretty good, but I didn't get to finish it.

Pretty good.

I liked it. It is pretty challenging and I am still trying to beat it, but it is not anything overwhelming. I have only played at McCain/Palin, but not being able to switch out while asleep, not being able to heal myself, not way to regenerate the move cost & no run away option is hindering the overall playability. Still, all-in-all, it is pretty fun.

Including Pokemon music would be another great improvement, as I found the current soundtrack to be rather lackluster.


I attempted playing this game twice. Each time the screen would turn black after defeating the first voter, no matter if I went to California or Texas. I give this game a zero because it was essentially unplayable.

it was good and then

I backfired and confused obama. then i lost i continued from where i saved earlier, and i was still confused, and kept losing and couldnt even change guys, so the game is now unplayable dumbass.

it was ok but..

But like pwnzer505 said, the text was and the music kept cutting out. I got your idea and humor, but the game play wasn't very fun so, 4 stars.