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Note: This is not an empty flash, just takes long to load up. Trust me, it's all there.

Here it is! Finally here. Thanks to everyone who made a game, they are the best. Here they are with their game names:

Chunkycheese12: 4 Man Frenzy
VirusN: Planet.Fighter
Zrb: Fire VS Water
OctoFlash: Keileiri
Arcansi: Mick's Dojo
xxflareknightxx: Big brawl
Jakk22: No name(lol)

Please vote and review fairly, we worked very hard on this :). Just enjoy! Oh, and recommend for the fighting games collection and maybe ng collabs, that would be nice :). One last thing, if there are bug's i'm going to get annoyed >:(.


Minigames rating!

Planet Fight: 2
Why: I must wait to jump and i die too easily.

Big brawl: 6
Why: "big" is a really big word... only four characters. Sometimes the guy disappear, some glitches, and the very annoying music.

Kelarei: 5
Why: no words.

Fire vs. water: 7
Add a exit or restart button in the pause menu!

I'm bored so i don't continue...
You guys can do better, give more effort in this flash!

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It was ok, even though I was in this one i really thought we could've done better.

Whatever, this is old.


total score of colab != sum of score for every single submission in it.

to be honest I doubt any of "games" would get score over 2 (that is with exception of fire vs water which sadly didn't have AI player)

bad controls (and not mentioned anywhere but in fire vs water)
average graphics (once again with exception of fire vs water which had good gfx IMO)
in at least one game Q button was assigned to change quality while it should also be move of character.

The idea was cool, and I had high hopes...

But sadly, it didn't live up to my expectations. When people see this, at first glance they are probably thinking, "Hey look! Fighting Game Collab! That sounds great!" Well, atleast that was my state of mind. But after playing I'm just left thinking, "Okay, that was a dissapointment!" There is much to improve. I had to reload the whole flash because there was a bug where the screen goes off to the side and I can't see anything. And frankly, the only good game I found was Keileiri. The others just didn't cut it for me. In no way am I saying that I can do better, cause I can't code something to save my life, but I'm just trying to give some constructive crit. Thanks for submitting this to the portal, but if you plan on making another one, try harder please!

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jajaja muy gracioso ! ^^

lindos juego me tenes que enseƱar :P a hacer juegos XD aka tenes mi mail por si las dudas: n3mei5x_66@live.com.ar

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3.55 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2008
2:33 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS