Draw-Play 3

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Editor 5 Points

Build a level in the editor

Onwards 5 Points

Get to Level 2

The Eighteen 25 Points

Reach level 18

Ending 100 Points

Reach level 40!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Draw Play is simple, draw your own level to get your guy to the flag, but beware of traps that hurt you and your ground.

Draw-Play 3 is the last in the series. I can't believe it's been so long since the first came out. This should wrap up everything I wanted to do with things like erasing and destructible ground.

Things to note -

- Drawing under yourself and pushing up is NOT a glitch.
- The game has evolved a bit and has a lot more action then the previous ones which were more just puzzle.
- It's mainly just black and white style. If you hate that style, just don't rate the game :P It's the style that really suits the overall feel to me.
- If you're stuck, try thinking a bit differently remember you can draw ANYWHERE. draw shields, or draw in a different path.

Have fun :)

Send any really good levels made to Eggy55555@hotmail.com and with a name of the level, your name and a brief description. I may make a player pack but I'm not sure yet since the level editor has a few main features missing which were hard to add such as the starting ground.

- Eggy


another awsome idea

but its so hard that gets frustrating


Good game, I enjoyed it! A*


Guys I have a laggy laptop with a pressure pad thing to control mouse and I managed to complete it all. When it starts lagging just refresh the page and it'll fix it. So stop complaining about difficulty.. its what most games lack these days.

Loved the game, however there should be a way to temporarily stop lazers, they killed me lots of times, and also the guns should have reset when you died so they didn't just chain kill you. This forced me to hit reset often.

Also after completing the game (don't know if this was down to my refreshing) my unlockables went away, what's up with that?

But it was great game-play, and it's a sad thing there will be no more draw play games. Good luck with any future games you make though.

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sooo fuun

this is even better than the first one!

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this is an exceptionally good game

everyone is just a pussy ass whiner.

the lazer is easy to dodge whether i use a mouse or touch pad.
also, I have a low spec laptop and it doesnt lag...if it lags on your comp or laptop
just turn down the quality and turn off the audio...

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4.01 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2008
1:16 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other