Hallows Haunt

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This game is basically a quick little timewaster, for a quick something to do. I drew and animated it well gekko007 did all the programming. Basically the point of it is to run down the hall away from the ghost well avoiding loose floarboards, hanging ceilings, and dead bodies. Once the ghost gets you, he slices your head off. So watch out for him, and try to get a high score.
Please submit to the Halloween 2008 collection!
Edit: Wow! It actually got into the collection?! AWESOMENESS!!!

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Lack of space, which creates irritation.

Lack of challenges, hold down the down button and I got 11k

Lack of graphics, if you're going to enlarge the shit out of something, enlarge something that is detailed.

Lack of GUI, you have to wait until after you die to see your score, which is poorly shown in plain white text, without a border.

Alpharius120 responds:

Space: I can see where that might get annoying.
Challenges: I never knew that could happen... Weird.
Graphics: That is why I'm going coding lol.
GUI: I didn't set that up, but I do agree on this.

It took two people to make this garabage?

This is terrible. I know you don't have to be an artist to judge an artist, but because of this waste of space, I no longer respect your opinion. Come on, there isn't even a replay button. Once you die you have to go through the whole "GEKKO007" nonsense.
This is an absolutely dreadful waste of a flash. I will give you a 1 just because it was insanely hard. Good day.

Love the music

great simple game for a quick time waster, and the music is amazing i just wish i could survive longer so i could hear more of it

Alpharius120 responds:

Hey, thanks! I loved the music, and it went with the halloween theme, so it all worked out. If you want to hear the rest of the main theme, check out Halloween Town by Chronamut on the side under main theme!

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3.66 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2008
7:59 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid