Halloween Shooter

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A while back I played around with 'MC Tween' and transition effects in ActionScript2, and although it's nothing special I kinda liked the tunnel effect used here. I put in a bit of detail and some bats to get this little game launched for the Halloween competition here on NG.

I hope you can enjoy the special atmosphere and music, get in the Halloween mood, and possibly be inspired for your own flashes >:)


Not really Halloween-ish, but...

...it was okay. I also like the tunnel effect, it looked nice. Not so much the gameplay though. Maybe more enemies or levels would have been nice, even if you just changed the colors. It wasn't that fun, but at least it looked cool.

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very cool

Very cool game!

the graphics were good.

and the game it self was ok.


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I think that this could be a very good game, but instead it ends up just being boring. It needs more variation in the enemies you fight and more on the screen at once.

The background effects were very nice though

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Frederik77 responds:

Thanks for the suggestions.

It's OK...

...but somewhat laggy.

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Good effect

I did indeed like the tunnel effect :) A grand example of mixing an art idea with a particle engine. However, you have to watch out for CPU bog down. It's a horrible mistake you can make with particle engines of any sort. If you want to fix that up, try converting your tween for the tunnel effect into a series of pictures instead of vector graphics. That could help a lot (of course with a tad bit of quality loss).

Also, now expand on your idea some. Give it some more game elements that are are just regulated to a point and click. I can point and click things on my desktop all day and get about the same amount of entertainment :P (just doesn't look as pretty)

Keep it going though, and good luck on your future projects :)

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Frederik77 responds:

Thanks :)

It's a result of playing around with MC Tween, but I would look into using just bitmap-data or a 3d engine if I were out to optimize the tunnel effect, as you say. It was just one of those sketch projects interesting enough to get a little extra polish - a bit of mood but nothing serious ;)

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4.38 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2008
12:43 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail