A Crow in Hell

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After being unfortunately shot down to hell by a redneck hunter, the crow must find its way out of the tunnels and back outside so it can get its revenge! Avoid traps and try to stay alive. Find as many keys and you can unlock challenges. Use arrow keys to fly out of hell! A fun game that requires skill and patience.



this game rules but it pissed me of in the end

i beat it this game is awesome tom should have let stay at the front page but what did piss me of is i get 23 keys about to get the last 1 and the credits kill me and the game restarts
those other guys dont know a good game when its right in front of them
make another

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Key at the end????

First off....thank God for the Retry or I would've never beaten this game. Dont have anything to complain about this game...graphics/sound/gameplay was all pretty much awesome..however....the only thing that knicked me about it was how at the last screen...the credit screen...I saw a key....I never saved during my gameplay and when the credits, surpise, killed me it just took me to the menu...not allowing me to save or try again....I'm not goin to play through it again....cause it is kinda frustrating. So I'm just left dissapointed that I didn't collect all the keys. Also, thank you for putting lots of checkpoints, very helpful. Well balanced to the pain staking nerves that this game takes. Hope to see another reincarnation of this or a similar game. I've played a lot, but this one stands out....difficult yet tolerable. Good Work


I BEAT IT ON THE FIRST TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some people are just to ignorant and pent on an easy game to see it, but this is absolutely one of the best games I have ever played, on a conventional system or not. The style like many others have said is very excellently chosen to portray this game. Though I can't tell you what it does to make it better, I can assure you it adds a whole level of awesomeness to it. The music was very well chosen, the graphics are very wonderfully done {especially compared to the sequels in my opinion} And anyone who cannot see the value in this needs to relearn how to look at things in different perspectives.

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Great game!

Good game and very challenging!

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2008
9:40 AM EDT
Adventure - Other