A Crow in Hell

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After being unfortunately shot down to hell by a redneck hunter, the crow must find its way out of the tunnels and back outside so it can get its revenge! Avoid traps and try to stay alive. Find as many keys and you can unlock challenges. Use arrow keys to fly out of hell! A fun game that requires skill and patience.



Great Game, stop with your stupid comments ...

This game is original and very entertaining. I can't believe some people are ignorant enough to say "WTF, the crow explodes!" I guess these are the same people that complain about race car games ... "The car crashes and keeps on going, WTF!!" PLEASE
You're just wasting webspace here, and ruining the game's rate. If the game is not for you, just don't vote. But if you do vote unfavorable, have good reasons why. The whole basis of the game is not to touch anything. Yeah sure, the crow could've just got injured, but is that so important?

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It is indeed hard, but that is the real fun!

Managed to complete the game with 23 keys.

I don't understand why so many people are complaining about how difficult this game and the second game are. Seriously, without the hardness of the game, it wouldn't be fun at all! A game without difficulty is meaningless, and those who are seeking for easy games should stop whinning about it and get a game with their own level. I totally support you for creating games with such level of hardness! Though the player has to be patient and probably has a plenty of free time.

I feel satisfaction after completing this game! Keep it up!

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Really hard, and really well done. The visual style was excellent! The reason this has a lower score than it should is due to the fact that unless you say in the title or discription of the game that it's going to be shit hard and most people won't be able to pass the 2nd screen, they'll vote low.

But if you make a fairly average game like The World's Hardest Game, you'll get 4/5+ easily.

Anyway good job, music was great too.

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a whole meaning to difficult

had you made it easier, checkpoints more often wouldnt have been necessary...but you fucking made this game impossible...after the 10th room its just...*sigh*...i have to agree, checkpoints more often are a must, dude. either that or more lives. other than the excruciating difficulty, 5/5

I saw the speedrun, fucking amazing.

The game was very hard to finish.

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2008
9:40 AM EDT
Adventure - Other