A Crow in Hell

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After being unfortunately shot down to hell by a redneck hunter, the crow must find its way out of the tunnels and back outside so it can get its revenge! Avoid traps and try to stay alive. Find as many keys and you can unlock challenges. Use arrow keys to fly out of hell! A fun game that requires skill and patience.




great, game, loved the graphics, the were appropriate to the style of game, but it could have been a bit more fast paced.

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pretty good!

this was pretty good but waaaayy to hard. i liked it that you have all of the silhouettes in hell and stuff.

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Great game, with just one flaw

I love the art style, just black and another colour. The game controls just fine too, but the only problem I have is the fact that the hit detection is impossible. I've figured out that the wings, some of the claws, and a little bit of the tail doesn't kill the crow when you touch the walls, but sometimes I die, and I don't know what part touched. You should make it so the crow dies when any part of ithits the walls or make it so that you know what parts would make the crow die.

And that single flaw made the game impossibly terribly hard.

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its great

this is amazingly great work here but i found it wierd how the bird could not land for a break, like mabey add a button than lets you walk on ground. I know it kinda kills some concept but i just found it so annoying. graphics and type of song were perfect and gameplay was a huge challenge. nice one!

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this game rules but it pissed me of in the end

i beat it this game is awesome tom should have let stay at the front page but what did piss me of is i get 23 keys about to get the last 1 and the credits kill me and the game restarts
those other guys dont know a good game when its right in front of them
make another

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2008
9:40 AM EDT
Adventure - Other