Sonic #Zero - Episode 1

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Hey there!

I'm Muja, the author of One Piece Sprite Movie. I'm here to present to you another sprite movie, this time based on Sonic the Hedgehog. I know I should be working on the next episode of my One Piece movie, but I'll be soon working on that - I just needed a break.

So here this movie is: it's based on the origins of Sonic The Hedgehog (that's because it's called Sonic #Zero). Pratically, this saga's going to tell the story of Sonic since the unforgettable Sonic 1 for Sega Mega Drive. No Tails in this fist episode, nor Cream or Amy or Knuckles or Shadow. In this episode, Sonic meets Eggman for the first time.

Like always, I like to add some interactivity to my movies, to add more fun for whoever will whatch this. In this movie, I decided to experiment a new kind of interactive action-fight, and since it's an experiment I'd really like to know your opinion about it: is it fun? is it too easy? Is it too short?
Yeah, just let me know.

Ok, guess that's all. Enjoy, and thank you for watching!


the controls???

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Muja responds:

Man, this is a game I made more than 8 years ago.
I perfectly know the controls suck, and I was actually wondering if I should remove this game from Newgrounds altogether! lol!

But thanks for the review

This game is soo awesome i can't say how many, Also, it's sad to hear you're not making a episode 2,

Anyways, Did you knew no one called Robotnik Eggman before "Sonic 2006" or idk what game?

Sonic gave Robotnik that nickname, After that, He decided to say with it, It's just in case you know, If you already do, you did it just for a different story right? 5 Picos and 5 Stars.

Muja responds:

The version I know is that "Eggman" is the original, japanese name for the character while "Dr. Robotnik" is the name that was given him in the USA and other countries, ever since Sonic 1.
I guess the game you're referring to wanted to jest on this concept, just as I did in my game.

Apart from that, thank you for your nice review! :)

damn this game is hard

Muja responds:

Eheh that's true. Even at "easy", this game is no joke. But it's really a mistake on my part.
Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

ok but whos marla

Muja responds:

Marla is Sonic's secret daughter.

Just kidding. Lol.
She's just a character I came up with to describe Eggman's tragic past.

i can't wait for episode 2 the game is pretty good btw i couldn't stop playing it

Muja responds:

Hey, thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
However, I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not working on a second episode. I'm working on a totally different project right now.

But if you liked this game, try out the "One Piece Sprite Movie" I made years ago, which is similar, or even the more recent "Street Fighter LoA"

Thank you again!

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Oct 21, 2008
7:50 PM EDT
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