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This animation is only 10 seconds long. Just forewarning you. I was just doing some frame-by-frame practice, and I thought it turned out kinda cool, so I thought I'd share. :) You guys like gore, right?

I kinda was debating whether or not I should put it on Newgrounds, but then I shrugged and said "why the hell not?" and here I am right now. :) So yeah, the only thing I guess I can ask is to enjoy?

If not, nobody can say I didn't try!


Pretty god, nice fbf

Nice drawings, i liked the gore and the whole art. I don`'t care if it is pretty short, you should make another better and longer.
Also... how many time did you spend?

Rhunyc responds:

Hey thank you! I appreciate that. And yea, I'm planning on making longer animations in the future. :) I just need practice that's all!

I spent 2 hours animating it, and roughly 2 hours putting the finishing touches on it (i.e. blood, shadows, background, buttons, and other shit. :D)

Thatnks for the review!

Awesome for a bit of practice =]

Although, you forgot to have some blood on the winged creature thing ^^"

Rhunyc responds:

lol, I know.... I was thinking about whether or not to add blood on it. I did, in the few frames of it bursting out, but it was on the tips of the wings, so when he flapped them for the first time the blood kinda flung off.. If ya can tell. :P It's hardly noticeable I know. :)

But yeah, thank you for the comment, it's much appreciated. :)


That was mind blowing! Of course it was short but it has potential, and that's what counts. Good sounds, the graphics are nice but need improvement. I would like to see more of your animations, put something together, do a Samurai fight, or maybe a Sci-Fi story like those with aliens, etc. Or try something with monsters since Halloween is close. Anyway, Keep it up and keep working hard!

9/10 & 5/5 Well deserved!

Rhunyc responds:

Hey, whoa. I wasn't expecting such a generous review! But, I truely appreciate it. :) The ideas are much needed in my department, maybe just a random fight between foes would be something quick to settle with... I've been shot for time as of late, I think I need to learn time-management skills, lol. :)

But, thank you for the review!! :D I appreciate that. :)

pretty fricken awesome

just as it says,it was good,i wish i could die like that

Rhunyc responds:

lol, thanks for the review! Though, I don't think it deserves a 10, but I appreciate it. :D

What the hell man?

I mean you seem to draw and animate quite well, so please put on newgrounds your first complete flash and not just practice, everyone does it gets annoying.

Nice short animation tough :p

(you will only get 2/5 do something longer better stronger)

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Rhunyc responds:

Hah, thanks sir. I'm just a lazy ass. :D

But, ya gotta start small, I spose. I just need a good idea to get the ball really rolling. ;)

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3.37 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2008
4:06 PM EDT
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