The Adventures of Steve 3

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When the boss fails to turn up for work, Jimmy begins to worry that something sinister is going on. Quickly discovering that shady Colombian drug dealers are involved, Steve takes it on himself to travel to Colombia, single-handedly bring down an entire drugs cartel, and bring the boss safely back home!

Get ready for 9 minutes and 20 seconds of the most action-packed day at work ever, featuring gun fights, humour, excessive violence and everyone's favourite layabout office hero!


So yeah, I FINALLY finished it - a big thanks to everyone for being so patient with this, and a special thanks to Raz and Shockdingo for providing extra voices. I hope you all love it!

ps. sorry about the ridiculous filesize, this episode turned up going over 16,000 frames so I had to do some movie clip trickery to get this beast into one file.


pretty good

i liked it and it was pretty funny buy a couple things didn't make sense

how did a punchdagger come from his arm to his hand?!?! he was wearing a t shirt!!

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Haha yeah I wanted to have him use the same weapon as in Steve 2, then I animated it and was like 'hang on, this doesn't quite work!'. Still, I thought it was a pretty awesome sequence so I kept it in.

You did it!

All right, Tom! After 2 years of eager anticipation, Steve 3 is finally here!
Ok, so the first thing I noticed is the lipsynch: Great job on that. I know it must of been very time consuming. I also feel the need to mention the similar style to kung-spoon and most of your other shorts. However, that's what bothered me a little. Steve 3 may have taken too big of a step from Steve 2. Most of the movie seems to focus more on the action rather then humor.

Overall, I'm very happy that Steve 3 got to the internet. I hope to see more of Steve in the futur.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks for the review! I'll try and tighten up the humour a bit in Steve 4.

Good in it's own way.

However, as part of the Everyday Adventures of Steve series, it just deviates far too much from the classic formula of plenty of humour with cool fight with something totally random.

Still regard the 2nd one as the best. The inferior graphics in parts adds to the charm as well.

Neo-Egyptian responds:

I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record but: don't worry, the fourth episode is going to return the format to how it was in the first and second episodes. I still firmly believe in progression - particularly in regard to the drawing and using better animating techniques - but the story and the jokes need to be my priority and there really isn't any space in the Steve series of pseudo-series plotlines. I think it's for those reasons Steve 3 didn't quite hit the right note with fans of the series.

Good stuff!

Not as outlandish as previous 'Steve's, but quite entertaining.
Biggest criticism would be that generally there can be a lot more movement, facial expressions etc.
Loved the retro outro though!
Looking forward to Steve 4 ;)

Neo-Egyptian responds:

Thanks a lot! And yeah I'll definitely work on the movement issues, gotta keep things progressive!

Love it, like to see some more jokes like the 2nd,

I love this series a lot but it always bugged me at the end there that the boss says nothing, not even a yelp lol.
Will there every be a fourth? I've hoped for 2 years now kinda close to giving up on ever seeing one :(

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Oct 20, 2008
5:05 PM EDT
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