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Fucking Kids!

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Oct 20, 2008 | 4:06 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Fucking kids begging for sweets and chocolate. I don't have any!

This is a flash I somewhat enjoyed making. That probably means it's shittier than all my other stuff, but it doesn't matter.

It's a halloween flash, BTW, If you didn't notice.

WARNING: Don't watch this if you're a sensitive little child.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

th way this is drawn

is ur best
this is besT


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think too many people miss the point...

There are many dumb-ass children ignorantly assuming they're safe without adults to accompany them on Halloween. I ask everyone else, really, would you consider a child dressing up as Adolf Hitler a normal, reasonable child? Me neither.

The guys in the house were obviously wanting those kids to fuck off and the sign was a fair enough cue to leave. Taking the visuals at face value reflects from the reviewers as much ignorance as those petulant children. Perhaps they deserve to get raped too?

Although I personally don't delight at the sight of child-rape I find most of the visuals absolutely brilliant. The bright colors in combination with the fluid animation is truly astounding. I know effort when I see it and love the mind-fuck atmosphere you produce. While others try to be unique by FOLLOWING standards set by "normal" people, you manage to do something that all the others dare not do... create a shockingly perverse animation that will knock small children (and big babies) 6-feet underground with reckless abandon.


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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I do love your work man you are a great animator and you have inspired me for most of my artwork, and my animations to come. THis makes a good point about little kids with no parents around walking up to strangers houses and shitty things happen, this is life and it does happen.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

okay, well

first off, i do respect you as an animator. you quite obviously are very talented and put a lot of effort into your work. so, regardless of what my personal feelings are on the content or anybody elses for that matter, i thought you would just deserve to at least know that and have credit given to you.

the one thing i just don't get about your work is that they don't seem to really, well, have a point i suppose. and what i mean by that is that they just have no real thing that would make you stop and think. you tend to take a sensitive subject (whether that be murder, molestation or whatever else a lot of people are sensitive to and are not really exposed to much) and just animate about it. i'm not really feeling like you have a story to tell, or even something to make people think about.
your movies don't really creep me out at all (although i do think that you do tend to cross the line near all the time, which isn't necessarily a good thing. i think you were going for the creative and unique route but when something is a little too much, it becomes very hard to appreciate those things) but to a lot of viewers, obviously it would. that seems to be the only real experience that they're getting. fear. and tbh, if i'm not feeling the one thing everyone else is, then what am i getting from this flash? i'm not getting a whole lot.
i'm going to use an example of a video game that has actually changed the way i think. it's a freeware game called yume nikki (actually, based on the content of your flashes, you would LOVE this game) and it is under the general opinion it is very, very creepy and scary (much like your flashes). however, the difference between it and your flashes is the fact it leaves a lot of it's message to the players imagination. whether it has a message or not, it's up to you. what that message is, that's up to you. what you think the most correct message is based on what you have to find out. there is no real objective to it, only you can make the game have some sort of purpose. one thing is for sure, whether or not you are right or wrong about the game and it's theories, it definately makes you think and isn't straight forward at all. that's what makes it unique even though it's creepy. it doesn't seem forced or anything either.
what i think you should do, to better enrich the experience of your work is to maybe add aspects of these things to them, and not just have them with no real point. to me, this flash was quite boring. very lovely to the eyes, yes, but just because something is nice and good looking doesn't mean it is actually good.

anyway... i hope you don't take offence to what i have said, i mean none whatsoever. you are a talented person. i really hope to enjoy future works from you, you seem like you can do really great things.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

is this your story?


Is this animation your real life story? which character where you?

I'm thinking you're one of the two kids and you were showing how evil that rapist was by your excellent art and some disturbing pictures in the hallway including nazi pictures and a water cooler with a brain inside it.

I'd really like to hear your answer to this, no offense meant, I like your stuff.


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