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Madness-Solipsistic part1

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Author Comments

Just part 1. I decided to release the parts as I go, I think part two will be the last

If you wanna do me a favour watch my other submissions...


Pretty cool!

Awsome flash dude! I loved the part when the guy does tricks with the fingers! ^^

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I'm wondrering was this movie inspired by Elfen Lied?


cool i love the blood cube

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Slick and Violent!

Excellent work, in true Madness style! The violence is pleasingly over-the-top, and the graphics are quick and slick. Perhaps even BETTER graphics than the Madness series! The music also fits really well with the action. All of those things are really fitting in Madness style. But even as its own standalone work, this is really good stuff.

The only thing I can critique is that the story & its portrayal feel a bit off. Let me explain:

I guess the first thing that bothred me is, the story sort of switches gears right away. The viewer gets set up to watch a story about alien autopsy, then suddenly the whole thing shifts into some "experiment-on-hapless-scientist" story. Both are good ideas by themselves, but they don't seem to jive together, or at least not how they're spliced together.

The latter story is sort of confusing too, because it's not really clear what motive the "gov't guys" have for operating on scientists, or why they chose this scientist in particular. Did they choose him as punishment for operating on aliens, or did they just grab the first random schlep they could find in their corporation? And why would they be giving this guy superhuman powers, and SHOWING him videos of him murdering their cohorts, when they must have known full well that that's what he would start doing? Maybe they underestimated his powers so soon? They certainly didn't seem to have a lot of restraints on him, at any rate.

I guess some of these questions could be answered in part 2, but it does detract a bit from enjoying the movie. Plus, there's the undeniable dissatisfaction of watching a cliffhanger. :)

Some of the "comedy gag" bits you added felt sort of out-of-place too - things like hitting the super-complex operating machine in the beginning to turn it on, and the inclusion of the "PB&J banana." These didn't feel like they fit the tone of the "ultraviolence" nature of the Madness series. Yeah, I know Krinkels added Tricky to his work to mix it up, but even that character worked to COMPLEMENT the violence, and added a "criminally-insane" aspect to the story. Some of that stuff I mentioned felt out of place.

I know I just wrote a lot of negative stuff about your work, but that doesn't mean I didn't really enjoy it. I only wrote so much because it was tough to explain the little things that bugged me a bit. Good work - really - and I hope to see part 2!

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Alienslushie responds:

Thanks for the constructives
I will try to use everything you've mentioned to improve on part 2... I will also try to sort of re-explain some of the plots outlines that were a bit hazy.

thanks for the review


Nice gore, but a little bit more would be nice. (5/5, 9/10)

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Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2008
5:51 AM EDT