Day of the Bobteds

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Well, he'res my third. Enjoiz, plez.

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I thought this game was pretty interesting, even though it was hard for me. You could have also put in some music to make it more enjoyable. At least the graphics were nice. They may not have been that well detailed, but a game like this doesn't need graphics that are that well detailed. I do like the sounds and how weird they are. It just could have had more in terms of gameplay.

I appreciate the different kind of locations you use. This is a game that really goes fast in terms of using different things to get rid of. I thought it was just going to be those green grills the entire game. It's a weird game, but enjoyable once you get the hang of it. At least everything's presented in a clear cut manner.


I think this game is really cool.I like the last level.LOL!

Yeah, not that I know Rob Allen...

... but he seems intelligent enough not to have mis-spelt the word "Business" in his Newgrounds username. There are also a few mis-spellings on the front-page of the web-site you have listed. I went to Jayisgames, and it appears that Rob Allen also created a pretty complicated banner puzzle-game for them... which kinda lends itself to making one wonder about the simplicity of the web-site you're touting. Not that I know for sure you aren't him... but then there is also the fact that you haven't replied to any of the comments that claim this may be stolen.

I liked the game. I just hope it is yours.

MisterCarbonBuisness responds:

Eh, missspellings. Bugger them. And the simplicity of the wobsite? come ON, it's been down for ages, it's still being reborn. And I've been away for a while, getting my act together, so that's why I have not responded. It's my game.

Good physics

Very good physics engine, though not really my kind of game.

Oh, and Smokinjoeevil? Maybe check the poster's website before you say something stupid.

MisterCarbonBuisness responds:

Puts indeed, oh well. At least you scored well.

good game

It was a good game,Could not finish 16.

MisterCarbonBuisness responds:

Oh wells. At least you had a good tiem.

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4.51 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2008
2:41 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid