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Hunt For the Red Cyberen

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Author Comments

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It has been pointed out ot me that we are in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I'm going to need all you folks out there to pray for Cyberen extra hard. For those of you not in on the scoop, the real animator, Cyberen AKA Brock J. has breast cancer. He is a male. Yes, it is very possible, and very serious. This is nothing to joke about. He doesn't have "breasts". In fact, he's sent me several naughty pictures over the years, and he has quite a nice body. He's in lots of pain right now. Please go to his Newgrounds page (cyberen.newgrounds.com) and wish him well. He needs all the support he can get right now, especially from the internet - the one place where he has friends; friends like YOU!

Last episode (http://www.newgrounds.co m/portal/view/465314), Cyberen, blown to pieces and stuck in a hospital bed discovered an ingenius way to communicatw with Dr. Buttswallows who thought Cyberen recieved massive brain damage during the explosion: tapping his head in Morse code! Dr. Buttswallows goes into the Happy Hospital storage room to collect the pieces of Cyberen and put him back together like Humpty-Dumpty, only to discover they are missing! With the help of Detective Browncock, a local, legendary private investigator formerly employed by the Alamosa Police Department before he was "mistakenly" charged with possession of child pornography and subsequently acquitted (don't worry, the full story is explained this episode), Dr. Buttswallows discovers Alamosa is in deep doo-doo (pardon my language)!

You guessed it (or maybe not): it's the Russians!!! Still bitter about the loss of their submarine (good ole season one), it turns out they weren't bluffing about constructing their own Cyberen - a massive brute of a Cyberen hellbent on destroying Alamosa! Making matters worse, Cyberen's severely burned torso is unable to save the day like normal.

Meanwhile, Jhonen Vasquez is hiding in the Alamosa Happy Fallout Shelter riddled with guilt. HE was the one who accidentally stole the submarine in season one, after all (you guys know the story). He realizes that if he can undo the stitches on Omega Cyberen (as it calls itself) he can return the stolen body parts to Cyberen, Cyberen could surely formulate a plan on how to get rid of this fifteen foot monstrosity (which would be quite deadly even after being debased by Jhonen Vasquez). The cowardly Jhonen Vasquez knows that it is a suicide mission, but is overcome with guilt and leaves the shelter to unravel Omega Cyberen. Its a long shot, but just maybe Jhonen Vasquez will succeed (I sure hope so :])!

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Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2008
9:43 PM EDT