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Look out, Mr Johnson!

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Help out Mr Johnson, for he needs some guidance. Mr Johnson sure is a man of world and must be saved etcetcetc Also, this is a submission for the halloween contest.

P.S.:Sorry, huge file. :/

P.P.S.:Yay 2nd place. Hoorayhoorayhooray.

P.P.P.S.:Hooray and thanks for frontpage. :D

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It's cool but it have A LOT of clicking and the game does not responds

Man, that was grueling to win. Notably because I have a crappy computer with a touchpad and I CANNOT move the mouse cursor while I am typing ANYTHING on the keyboard, so going back and forth to being able to move the mouse and pressing A and the mouse being paralyzed was a challenge that you probably were not intending to be there. Damn but the part where you're chased by the troupe of ghost knights and have to eat the wire holding up the bridge at just the right time and then avoid those barrels that old woman throws at you was EXTREMELY unpleasant, with this particular problem. You might want to think of coding these things in the future to not require both the mouse and the keyboard for that reason? Or maybe I'm practically the only one with that problem. Something to consider though maybe.

The last round before fighting the flying cat pig rabbit monster thing where Mr. Johnson is shooting at the ghost, what an unappreciative asshole! Wow! There's gratitude for you! Sure, it's one thing to be afraid of the ghost but he should at least realize how many times his ass was saved. But best friends forever at the end at least. I was hoping to get an explanation of the pink ghost being maybe an extension of his psyche or something, or at least like the ghost of his girlfriend or mother or someone else close to him and is struck down sadness and despair when he dies or something. Because all through the game I was left with the question, WHY does the ghost die when Mr. Johnson dies? Sure, the ghost likes Mr. Johnson, that's fine, but that shouldn't be enough to kill the ghost when when Mr. Johnson dies, the ghost gets all plus-for-eyes and seems to "die" as well, and I felt that deserved some kind of explanation in the ending, but there wasn't one.

A truly unique game. I don't think I have ever seen that playing dynamic anywhere else, getting the character to move by scaring him around like that. Or maybe I have. It seems terribly familiar but nothing specific is coming to mind.

This is a really cool and fun game, but it can be nerve wrecking at times

well I am absolutely horrible at this game but its still fun and I like the art and animation and I just love Mr. Johnsons voice

can you remake this game and allow the character to control mr johnson?

molkman responds:

The whole point of the game is that you can not control him directly...