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Author Comments

This is something I've been working on for quite a while, I started it about half a year ago and then stopped to animate other things like End Day, but I continued again recently, and well, here it is. I don't make many games, because of my obvious lack of actionscripting skill, but I tried really hard on this one, and it was a good challenge.
If you're going to review, please don't recommend that I add something really complicated and out of my league in a possible sequel. Review the game for what it is, not what you want in it.

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it was fine

the music was nice and relaxing however the game was a bit too easy

Darksunda responds:


yeh it was good

really playable, not very challenging tho...
interesting concept too, never played a cooking game before.
thanks for choosing my music, gimme a shout if you got anything else in the works that u want a tune for.
nice one

Darksunda responds:

Thanks a lot Howli, your song really perked up the game. Yeah, I know it's not too hard to do seeing as there's only one possible ending and no way of losing the game. But hell, thats my actionscripting for you.


ive always loved cooking games and this one was fun usually there boring and the same but this was different great job hope u make more! (loved the end when the eyes got bigger it madde me laugh :) )

Darksunda responds:

Thanks, I hope it was a different experience. Yeah, the guys eyes were pretty funky after one mouthful.

Very relaxing!

The music and the simplicity of the game made me lay back and relax. Don't wanna sound ridiculous, but I was proud of myself after finishing the game (my cooking skills in real life are horrible) :D

Still, a very good basic game, a bit disappointing that there is only one day of work. Although you mentioned that your action scripting is weak, you surely can figure out how to built couple of simple layers of the game (in this case days), making the game a bit more challenging yet not removing the relaxing factor.

Thanks for the fun game, keep it up!

Darksunda responds:

Thanks a lot for the review. I can remember deciding before starting this whether it'd be fast paced and exciting or slow and relaxing. I think you can tell which.


I don't really understand the big hype about this. More a timewaster than anything, and not a very good one. All you do is follow little arrow that tell you exactly what to do.. and there's only two orders... Nice music thought?

Darksunda responds:

Thanks, we all got opinions and I respect yours.

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2008
1:04 PM EDT
Simulation - Job