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Satan's Ban

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Author Comments

This is a school project. It's my first cartoon, so it ain't so good :b But it's a silent movie with music,
and it's a parody of Satan's Ban from Heaven. Nearly none of this is in the Bible :b

Enjoy ^^

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Ah, I've been on this website so long I keep thinking that "ban" meant Satan being banned from Newgrounds. I wasn't that impressed by this, but I liked the audio. The black and white and silent thing did work out pretty well, though. The animation could use improvement, as it didn't seem to be very detailed. I'm glad that you at least managed to do well in a school project (assuming you did, of course). The premise was kind of funny with Hitler being created.

Chzz responds:

I did okay xD

hehe ^^

that's a cool funny story and everybody who can understand humor know it's just a jokingly comic and not a amusement what's happened for over 63 years

the comicstyle was good chris and the music of a silent movie great =D go on =)

Chzz responds:

Thank you for the review :D This is the first cartoon I've made ^^


very nice. i am not a azi but apperantly my grandfather or something was. he died in the oncentration camp by falling off the guard tower.

Chzz responds:

Must have been painful. Thanks for the review ^^

:D cool

aww hitler i laughed even though im jewish and found this funny unless this was an attack on jews then no!

Chzz responds:

This wasn't an attack on anyone :b Thank you for the review ^^

loved it

It was a good joke, and as for everyone giveing you heck about it offending them.. dont listen to them. The true comedian wouldnt be doing his job right if nobody got offended.

Chzz responds:

That's right mate. Thanks for the review ^^