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Edit: Fixed AS codes. They should work now.

Tutorial for Novice users of Flash.
Includes: Quality button, clocks, webcams, elasticity, mouse effects, custom cursors, cursor watchers and more!
Uses Action Script 2! works with Flash 8.

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Some people might use the information displayed on this tutorial but they won't learn anything out of this and I'm quite sure that you just took the script from another tutorial and you probably wouldnt remember all of this by yourself.

Wow, what a great tutorial

Hey, next time, you might as well directly link to the AS: Main topics where you took the code from, since the code is already explained in these, and people actually know what the fuck they're talking about!

And now for some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM so that you fuckers might let this review live :

- The music didn't loop, if you're going to use complete songs, at least make a selection, otherwise use a constant loop (which can be turned off)

- Write the code yourself instead of taking it from AS: Main (check the forum topic named "AS: MAIN" before you delete my review you dumb fucks)

- Give proper instructions, and if you don't know what the code means, don't try to explain; "hour = myDate.getHours() - gets hours from your PC clock - getMinutes() - gets minutes from your PC clock - getSeconds() - get sec-" Yes we get it

- Also in the clock tutorial, you need to add a "0" if the minutes or seconds is only 1 digit, otherwise it looks like shit (10:5:3 isn't a real clock)


I'm newbie in Flash, i've started working with it a week ago, and now i'm doing websites using some stuff that i learned by myself, but now you helped me to make new things.

Thanks man. Keep it up!


you don't know how you help me out!


some of the codes are not done properly, and this is noob stuff, when you wrote novice. moderate effort.

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3.46 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2008
11:38 AM EDT