Super Smash Bros ST 6

October 18, 2008 –
March 13, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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I have watched the previous episodes and I've noticed that Snake is barely getting hit by Giga Browser, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand. Though I have to ask, is Crazy Hand a made-up character? I've never seen him in any of the Smash Flash games, the old Super Smash Brothers before Snake and Sonic was involved, the new Wii U Smash Game or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Comment for Snake, You're so badass! I love using this character in SSBB!!! I love how many explosives he posses and I love his speed and accuracy! Best chracater ever! I just wish that the Super Smash Brothers Flash game I found found in HypeGames.com had this same exact Snake sprit and then credit you in the credits. I wish Yoshi was in the that game too. But that's alright! I always know who to depend on if I want to see a good sprit of a certain character from Smash!

Seeing Fox completely wreck Wolf in complete annihilation is so satisfying.

YESSS PIT HERE!!(i mean in nintendo)

Cant wait to see the next episode XD

make more!

he was the most epic character in the game series (even if he kicked your ass alot).

In the game, you can't go past 999%... Kicked his butt.


HA! i like all of the refrences and usage of other games, like mr. l from super paper mario and the alter of rebirth/time/whatever from crono trigger

I read that Satanic message

Where Part 7?

I Liked This alot but where part 7? are you still creating it?


Barrels full of win! You are now one of the world's awesomest spriters..but i noticed star fox was atttacking to the music...when he was kicking wolf's ass...especially in the 'bloody finish' just awesome man,10/10 for you! Keep up the good work!

no 7

dude 7 is not going to happen this was made in 10/18/2008 so unless hes makeing one last one thats relly long its not happening


this is fantastic!!!! im curius to know the next epesode and the end of this saga

thats me

im do what fox did to wolf wen sum1 take my last beer :p


Fox kills his long time rival! This is why wolf should never mess with fox even under the power of Rage! But one thing stills bothers me: How is the rage consider the power from the master and crazy hand if the rage came fox getting beat up by wolf at first? It should be called: SMASH RAGE! If anybody get hit over *** hits by somebody else than the master and the crazy hand then the power of Smash Rage will come to defeat their enemies but with a price for the person that got defeated by the person's rage like wolf! This though is AWESOME I just wish Fox was at the beginning of things and along the battle against master hand,crazy hand,and giga bowser! But this is too cool! Fox rules FOREVER! Hope ssb st come out soon!

Fox vs Wolf

I love wolf's move on fox!!!!! It was primary lotus like Rock Lee from Naruto uses that kind of move! Love the instant kill that Fox did to Wolf.


super cool movie but 666% is not the hugest number but 999% and 1250% can appear and i cant wait to see st 7


The game was pretty cool, I play it all day if only no one reviews for a while but nah. Anyways this is one bloody fight though... very good, but is Super Smash Bros, isn't bloody? That's the problem though.


If you are fans of Super Smash Bros, go to this site,
http://mcleodgaming.com/games.php. Super Smash Flash 2, demo version, (sorry, I didnt make it, and still in the making) v.07. No need for download. Just play directly. (watchout for preloaders if your computer is slow!)


Who was the good guy in the battle between Fox and Wolf?

toon link

put toon link on your next one. make come from his old quest and fight young link from melee

peach T_T

cmon please add peach to the searies soon i want to see her kick some ass


what ever happened to turning into a trophie!?!?!?


this is good but why so much blood lol? and make 7 st faster! for GOD SAKE


wheres the pokemon squad pikachu, jigglypuff, and mewtwo


hope u find a job soon, if your news post isn;t just a sob story no offense

wear is Luigi?

I think I know what you did with Luigi.

Are you ever going to make SSBST 7?

I guess you gave up on this sprite movie because its beeen about 2 years since you made your last one.

Sad really.

This was an interesting series.


dude for everyones sake please make the next one im dieing here plz make the next vid

cant wait much longer

plz hurry with the next ep :)

i agree with carnage170

but the fights are extremely epic and allow people to want more and keeps them waiting,its actually a great element to have filler episodes,it gives the element of suspense


but i have to agree with link95 where are the others?


fox....YOU ARE A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good, but there's room for improvement

I know you've heard this quite a few times, but the problem with this one is that there seems to be too much in the way of fighting and not enough in the way of plot advancement. It seems you really enjoy doing big spectacular fights and while that's not necessarily a bad thing, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. The plot got dragged down and the fight between Fox and Wolf became fairly incongruous and irrelevant, leaving big plot-holes. I can't tell you how to do your animation, but if you ease up on the fights and put a bit more into plot on the next one, then I'll give you a better score.

>_< Sigh...

And then it was never continued... But its ok, a lot of it was bull anyway, like geting hurt past 999% damage, epic but it was still bull.

Sweet. But,

what happened to the rest?

what is the program you use?

it's pretty cool, but, I began making animations like these, and i wanted to know (if you don't mind of course) what programs are you using to make these animations.
I use movie maker 2.6 but it isn't good at all.
oh, and your super smash brothers series are awesome, when will the seventh come out?


I subscribed and friend you on youtube!

Great but..

yes yes its great but whats with all the uneccesary blood every time someone got got -.- so im giving it a 7.


there goes another good guy!


i like this and thothers!but at least not so....BLOODY?


you are awsome,and i like your video.you even make AWSOME sprite animation!!
there is just ONE question that i am asking to myself:
why tha hell did fox turned had...that kind of boost...
i mean,HE IS A SPACE COMMANDER!And now i see a ssj like boost...on fox...
and also,how come he is like that?i know this is a good question but i also know that there are 3 reason possible:
-like the name of the scene say:''fox RAGE''...
-he had the same thing than giga bowser
-OMG ITS THE ONE TAILED FOX!!!RUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!(if you know what i mean...)

exept ''that''(maybe) that was awsome.


sorry dude but this episode were like 96% in fox vs. wolf fight and you sont seem to use captain falcon (my favuorite why? FALCON PUNCH) so id give you 7/10 but i like this serios so 8/10

Just one word


Found ST6 O_o

Holy crap brutal!! awsome series man when ST7


wolf got fatailty


This series is awesome make the next one please

Not bad

You are using McLeod gaming sprites, lol


i vote 100000000000000000000000000/10 and whens the next part

so cool

better than the last episode if thats possible
totally awsome

nice series

Can you please make a game of it called Super Smash Bros Story X and use all characters!


where is the 7.

for sonicandmariofan1

Read the captions after credits. It was master hand's evil that got fox. I believe 666 as the number so that it would be more evil. I'm hoping tp see number 7 eventually

damn good

spectacular dude, im looking foward to the next one. Whenever it comes out

good but....

why does fox have to be the bad guy see people like you give all the credit to golden boy mario >:(


if you see fox life it was 666 aka dival bar code so maybe fox and boxer was toke contal by the dival if I'm right pm me dude that has to be it


Like the preloader

epic bt ehh

see the fight between fox and wolf was hot, but i cant call it a fight concidering the fact that it was simply while one attacks, the other just takes it, dont get me wrong the whole fox going crazy demon fuk u status was epic, but u put too much focus into that and it cut into the story, i havent voted on all the other ones uve made but they"d get 10s, this one i gotta give u a 8, but still cant wait for ep 7, keep up the good work.

oh yeah best one ever!

3 things 1.Yay! Luigi's back! 2.That fight between Fox and Wolf was the best one yet! 3.I CAN'T WAIT FOR EPISODE 7!!!!


fox went all ass kick


is this sup[er smash bros or MOrtal Kombat!? i mean it fox fatilitied wolfs ass..i cnt give it a 10 for 2 main reasons. 1 u cut off froim the orignol story, and 2 u amde the fight into 2 1 sided match scenes. i cnt give u credit for that man sry


Incredible GOOD
I LIKE THIS I'd Want Watch 7 But He Dont Created SSB St7


Weird but good!


When Fox hit 666% damage, he overkilled Wolf...literally. All I can say is that I am on the edge of my seat while awaiting the seventh installment.

the part of fox

i loves the fight but when fox ripped out wolfs body part u toatly made Super smash brawl into a whole new super smash brawl more like Super Bash kill its defenitly the same feeling its like a zombie fox..........


FUKKIN AWEZUM! Go Fox, and yo murderous, tiranical self!

im not feeling it...

the acual work is good but one sided pwnage is kinda boring. i feel like u lost sight about what the series is really about.


are star fox and bowser possesed?


it was ok i didnt really like this one too much, you shouldnt really need too add the blood tho. the other ones were great without the blood. and the high ratings were proof of that its still good but i truthfully dont like the whole blood thing


Good job on this man! I would love to have that in the storyline of the actual game. There are some minor mistakes that I would like to point out. One was the blood, for the most part you did very well with the blood but some parts of it were either facing the wrong direction (not by too much), or it was way too big. Also, the blood that they lay in could either have a stream effect coming from a certain body point or at least be connected. For effort and a well made piece, I give you an 8/10.

Very interesting...

Yes, I found it, for the most part, quite enjoyable. The fights were decent, and overall, you've done a very good job. I noticed that you wanted constructive criticism and here it is: get someone to proofread the dialog. If need be, I can do this for you. I noticed several spelling mistakes in all your movies, though as the series went on, the spelling got better. However, there are still mistakes, and I hope you get someone to help you in this endeavor.

Anyway, overall very good, the animation was pretty smooth, the storyline is unique, and there are interesting plot twists (such as the 666% rage). So anyway, good job, keep it up, and keep improving.

To awesome for words XD

Damn, this is just getting way to awesome, When I saw the first flash, all I thought was it was gay and crap, But I'm not the person to make a complete judge until I see more than 5 or more episode, and I must say, It got better and I see much improvement, I suck at flash, so I can't really say much HAHAHA. Keep up the good work and I'm 100% behind ya ^_^.

Also for the people who keeps saying to hurry up and get to number 7, please just be patient, you don't want his work to get sloopy because you guys want him to hurry, people got a life they need to handle first.

Also I agree with the person below me.

Loved it.

You finally included my two favorite Brawl characers! You even dedicated the whole episode to them! I really enjoyed the fight and even though I hate the song that was used when Fox was killing wolf, it was fitting considering Fox reaching %666 damage.

lol the retards who said "this was a DBZ rip off"(and yet they seem to love SMBZ) and "the fight was horrible" should not be talking cuz a lot of them had some really crappy flashes or none at all. My philosophy is, don't criticize somebody else when you can't do any better than them


great sprite work (gran trabajo sprite)

worth 10 stars

this series should never end its absolutly amazing. You are one of the best authors out there it would be disappointed to see the series end at 7. hell even madness has lasted past 9. I think there should be like 19 or 20 of this people would love it and be addicted. Its so awesome i cant even describe it in this description. im curios to see luigis alt personality fight. and cant wait till sonic goes super sonic


When will come out the sequel????



How should I put this...

"Mortal Kombat meets Nintendo"?
Well oddly awesome result,I never expected to enjoy a bloody Wolf vs Demon Fox (Naruto reference not intended XD) fight that much,and the music fit perfectly.
Only one request,please DO continue the rest of the series in a similar style.Just thinking about a fight between poor Meta Knight VS a demonized Captain Falco or (ironically) Pit makes all the waiting in the world worthwhile.
Awesome work,waiting for 7

ps. Can't help but laugh at the thought of a demonized Jigglipuff dismembering Kirby Fox-style though :P


yet....in that 3D fight...it should've been a tie, since mario would made one the platforms fall by standing on it XP


i wish ssb was like that

Good Flash But...

Well, Good Job again, but I kinda didnt like the "Japanese" Talk of Fox and Wolf, and I didnt like the Final attack breaking Wolf´s Body, that part was kinda passed off...
I loved the music, and the Mario´s Talk with his other parts... I liked Fox attacks and Wolf attacks too!
Anyways: 9/10 and 5/5

Truly awesome

that battle was insane and using bodies by drowning pool made it even more insane...You have become L337 Master


the character should be more super when they have 1337 damage lmfao XD
jk that would be kinda stupid
i thought wolf's damage would go over 9000 for a second XD
but lol the 666 thing was a good idea i guess =D


Wow. I actually felt sorry for Wolf. but that was 1337 pwnage.

Fox 666% Wolf 6299%

All of my friends spam wolf, so this is like the best thing evah! How many episodes will there be anyway?

Fox 666!

I was expecting that fox will transform into Kyuubi!(9 tails demon fox)
but this not happened =/
whatever!awesome work!10/10 5/5 AND favourites! XD




did fox have to murder wolf like that lol

Note to self: Do not make fox go 666 in brawl o.O

Great movie. The slicing up of Fox was disturbing, but in a horror movie kind of way. 10/10 5/5


wow note abia posteado antes xD muy buen video ta de 10


Fox owned Wolf fucking went berserk that was the best scene in this movie one question though: when can we expect the 7th?

One word: OVERKILL.

That, was by far, one of the best Flash Movies I have EVER seen. And I have watched A LOT. My favorite part was when Fox went psycho berserk on Wolf and slaughtered him. Must have taken a lot of effort to make that scenario. Anyway, this was great. I hope you improve to become even better and I hope you succeed in making new Flashes.


I really wouldn't wanna be wolf. Good movie though. Seems very hard work even for just that amount of time...


not only mario have 4 parts,link have 13 parts that are his life in each game.too short!

Good Shit man Good Shit

Main that was some good shit keep up the good work!!!


well what i say is absouloutley pwnage!!!!!!!!

the 666

okay its a little disturbing that fox revives with 666 damage i mean fox is evil now so whats the point with the series when mario revives 666 damage then snake then yoshi and so on the thing is the evil number is so important in the series??????.bowser may have the evil number but that does not mean that everyone on the series must aquire the number to go super saiyan dont you think you should have a little something?????????so far i like the series but with this episode makes me think it needs something more or different........ i have an i dea but i thik ill end up being insulted

it was OK

8 cuz it was really short!


i just notice this when ever they go powerfull there damag is at 666 the number of the beast.

No one Can top your movies!


I liked the other ones a bit more.

I liked the first couple of episodes, why? The fights were a bit better. This battle, way WAY too one sided. And i i was a bit disturbed at how Wolf ACTUALLY killed Fox. I mean in ep 4, Samus didn't get her neck ripped. I closed the Window immediately wen Fox dismembered Wolf... Also, i don't need the 2.5-D action just to be impressed. I was fine with 2 dimensions alone. After all, it is (supposed to be) a Super Smash Bros. style flash. 10 for the action, -5 for not staying true to the series.


this was the best one of all can't wait for number 7 been a big fan from the first.

love it!

I really love it!
even you totally changed the theme to almost king of fighters fighting theme
Ex: sounds from king of fighters
fighting moves from king of fighters
Voices from king of fighters

but in the end l really love it!


it took some time to go out but is really sweet flash movie, even though you didn't finished!
And ignore the guy down there, i think he got his nuts on his brain to write such a ret review! Continue on this splendid super smash bros brawl movie!

this is like something different

its good but its is not right only 1 bit continued from the old storyline and thats the ending... and anyway ths ai also different cuz you've added blood... so bad for an imitation of super smash bros.so please return to the previos movie you were working on.. please?

wheres your flair for this gone?


awsme wolf got owned when the next part coming up cant wait

I expected somethink better

It was good movie but after part 5 I expected somethink better.
What happened to yoshi, snake and others.
How sad this part showed only one battle, it should be longer.
Anyway good work and hope next part will be more cool.


Gee, I wonder who Mr. L is...

Wolf got TOTALLY owned. Whos gonna get corrupted by the hands next?


I loved it! I've never thought that Fox could be that f**king powerful (1000 PER ATTACK at the end!), especially against Wolf. Nice movements, waiting for the next one!

this is to great


"awesome, crazy fun, the best fucking flash ever"

dude i give u ur props the vid....AWESOME the way fox became evil and beat the shit out of wolf crazy XD all the blood that fox made come outta wolf lolz i was like DAAAAAMMMMNNN lolz i really liked how fox was just destroying everything and blasting wolf through the buildings causing the city to blow up and make destruction lolz i specially liked the part when fox uses his FOX ILLUSION attack on wolf and starts cutting wolf piece by piece lolz it was crazy awesome!!! XD i hope the next one will be just like this on if not BETTER!!! XD lolz congrats on this vid you truly have a gift in this type of stuff


this was so awesome but still when r u gonna make super smash bros st 7 coming out?and what does st stand for?


Why did u have to kill wolf they fight all the time. Do u really think fox is going to get some kind of rage and kill wolf. If u seen the stuff I saw u would go crazy because of bloody, scary, out of this world death. There were also many errors if u didn`t know.

2 mistakes!

During the 5 marios scene, you wrote peaple (instead of people) and destoied (instead of destroyed)

Also, it was a little bit too much of an overkill XD
And like they say: Too much is not enough

But anyway, the flash animation is still really great, full of action and gotta love the number of the beast! :D

cool episode

cool episode dude, 10/10. btw where did you get the fox and great fox sprites from

...two things...

The first is a little thing: It just bugs me a little bit that Wolf's damage went olver 999%. See? Little.
The second is that WOLF SHOULD HAVE WON. Wolf is AMAZING.

well finished.

fox owned wolf. i was hopeing for you continuing the master hand story more but, it was still good. cant wait for your next one. =}


wolf got PNWED


Do they alway's become near enough unbeatable When the 666% come's on, Cause Bowser Became GIGA Bowser when he got to it and Fox Anthalted Wolf in it. I Can't wait to see 7.

i was expecting more!

where has the story gone? they have to defeat the giant hand but instead you made fox fight wolf!? on the next ST i wanna see kirby come back.

Fucking awesome

Jaja, muy bien me gusto todo las peleas y eso

Y no le hagas caso a castelman esta un poco envidioso con tu super animacion es que pues como segun el se cree la gran cosa pero no se compara contigo

Sigue asi man



Amazing flash! (and i thought mortal kombat was bad)

?enihsnus eht leef uoy naC



Fucking Hell YEA!!!

i thought fox was dead then he came back AND WOLF WAS FCKING PWNED DOUBLE TIME %3200


The graphics was splendid!! There was excessive violence but I liked it!!!!

When 7 coming out?


it was kinda short and gory but looking at this made me want to see another so can you make another?

good job

this was pretty good but kind of short

great job

the song when fox was killing wolf was let the bodies hit the floor -drowning pool and that scene was awesome


You obviously put alot of effort in this one,keep it up.The only thing that i thought was bad was when he was kicking wolf,with those buildings

did great

but you failed you seem to be more violent and go for anime, but you were better in your old flashes cause everything didnt look like you spilled ketchup on it and that it was smoother and yes i did lower the quality but it still failed so could you actually move back one space and it would probably be better


everyone got owned!
haha loved it dude your amazin!


That was great but add more characters and dont show alot of blood in the next episode.


I loved this episode! I was sort of hoping for the continuation of Mario's battle, but also curious of what the others were up to, so it's great to have a bit of an interchangeable plot in the series. I also understand that people were disappointed that there was only Fox and Wolf in this episode, and a bit of Mario, well, mainly. Anyways, to you people, I think you should chill a bit, and if you aren't used to this, I suggest you watch all of the episodes again, because this series isn't all about Mario and the others that are traveling with him.

omfg sezuri

nice vid and also were did u get thos starfox sprites from????


you have done better in your past flashes.

Fox wat dos the scouter sa about his damage level?

IT'S OVER ONE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!! WHAT 1000?!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!
Grate movie


No offense but in the next episode don't add so much blood and also put some more characters in. Sorry dude but there was only Fox and Wolf and a bit of Mario


That was one of the most brutal fights I have ever seen! Even though Fox was under the influence of the Master Hand's powers, He still made Wolf seem like a cub in comparison. I cannot wait to see how much more powerful Mario will be with the combined powers of his and his other versions put together. It's kind of obvious that Mr.L is Luigi in disguise in case no one else found out. There's one question I have for this flash: What did Wolf want Fox's apology for?


I thought it would be the next part of the fight... but it was hell betta 8Q jesus


good flash! next episode make the fighting style like SMBZ.

when will the next vid come out????

o my LORD THAT WAS SO GOOD when will the next vid come out????

fucking good!!!

whats the name of the song when fox gets crazy and kills wolf???


Wow fox got pissed and the fight became so one sided!!


holy F#$@%k that was harsh fox got so pissed that he pwned and kill wolf


Fox's rage IS OVER 9000!!!!! Wolf's damage IS OVER 2008!!!!!

it't too short

the movie was good but unlike the other it was short

not bad

I think the other one was better because it had more fighters and more action thats not say that the fight between fox and wolf was bad its just kinda short im surprised i didn't know that the master hand was associated with satan

Love it

You're movies have the most original style ever. You should be proud you didn't end up making a stupid series that had alvin earthworms style.

Poor Wolf...

God, that was a bloody battle. 666 really is a # to fear. And nice job throwing in Drowning Pool's "Bodies". That was a perfect touch. Waiting for Super Smash Bros. ST 7 is gonna be like waiting for SSF2.




that was an overkill but thats his rage rite?

good, but too little storyline

im giving it a 7 because its lacking storyline. its just pit, a disguised (666%?) luigi (or is it another character?) and fox killing wolf because he is at 666%. I didnt understand what the marios meant when they said that not even splitting mario into 4 he got weak enough to fall into Master Hands curse. can u explain that to me? . i liked the fighting, so that earned you a couple of points. 4/5

sprite fight at its best

whats the scouter say about his damage level? its over 900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
simply epic. very nice use of the song bodies btw. best one yet!


Ive been waiting for super smash bros ST but i did not expect that
That was the Shiznit
Cant wait for 7

Fing Awsome!

This episode was vey neat with some wow into it. I liked the battle with wolf and fox. It's nice to see some change for a while. Also are you creating something with the damage when it reaches 6_6. I remember when Bowser turned into Giga when he had that percentage. Correct? I also like how you talked. You said about an angry dude[spot one in your other episodes],haters[spotted],n00bs[spott ed],I don't know what 3KM review is, and of course SMBZ addicts[I spotted so many].

Just to be honest I like this series way better than SMBZ. All they have is 4 characters and you mostly have all of them. You have Link,Samus,Snake,DK,Sheik,Fox,Wolf,Pi t,Master Hand,Crazy Hand,Bowser,Giga Bowser, do I keep going?


but what's the name of the music when fox killing wolf?

ps: response me the name of the music ok (that music rocks)


I swear to god if you dont make another one i will hunt you down and obliterate you from the face of the earth. its reeeally good. =3

Pretty good.

I see that this was basically a filler episode, but it was well made. I was wondering, are you going to add in the subspace army sometime? So our poor heroes don't all try to kill themselves when they hit 666%.


It was extremely creative of you to bend the fox sprites around the make him seem 3D, and I liked how you timed the music well with how Fox fought Wolf, Overall this is probably the best Smash Bros episode so far, and I can see the effort you've put in so easily, great job.

- Digimon Boy


I am at a loss of words for the epicness I have seen today.

it was awesome and epic only....

poor wolfs he was one of my favs='[ he shall be missedV.V

So much for his apology

Fox went Dimented on his howling ass.


kool awsome but i think the others were better also when you tryed to do thows 3d things with fox and wolf it dosent make it any good its just hard to see so for what you can improve dont try to do the 3d stuff with pixel characers


i liked that melee reminding opening :)


you forget lucario and what the crap happened with fox. Also, meta knight nad king dedede and doing crap but posing.

And why wolf had to die with lame graphics and effects by fox.

it was cool

but, it was like two minutes long. high graphics and great quality. think u could help me out with some tricks on my flash

Not that great

Seriously, that was just a one sided fight there was no point in showing pit, neither wolf nor fox faught back against one another, and to top it off, that Mario Luigi extra fight was un-exciting and too short. You should have just stuck to the original thing in the episode before this one


talk about one sided fights that was fun watching fox massacre the grey fox for a minute there I thought he was gona send him to the moon as he screamed all the way there then BOOM!! POP!! lololol that woulda been really funny lol I don't know what fox was on but I'll have whatever he's taking :D


ASOMBROSO!!!!!!!!!, me hubiera gustado saber que se hizo de los otros XS, pero bueh esperare el 7, buen trabajo

good job

this was a good piece of film, unlike some others on newgrounds wich are @*#$.

The Power of Darkness!

DAMN MAN! DarkFox went balistic on Wolf's ass! Awesome use of blood in this also but the jap voices kinda got on my nerves a bit sorry! :( So let me get this straight whenever somebody gets to the damage ratio of 666% Masterhand then uses the Darkness/hatred in their hearts to make them evil and become his slave right? The more Darkness/hatred in their hearts the more evil/powerful they become right? Like since Bowser was evil to begin with, when Masterhand unleashed the Darkness/hatred in his heart he became Giga Bowser cuz' he already had so much Darkness/hatred in his heart something like that? But anyway this was a great eps and the song " Let the Bodies Hit the Floor " was PERFECT for the scene " One Sided Battle " Though I thought it would've been cooler if like Wolf fought back and used his strongest atk but it didn't hurt DarkFox and Wolf became all stunned/scared as hell and said like " What are you? Your not Fox! " Hey I have an idea! Why not later make Sonic become DarkSonic? Since he already has a Dark Form you can use that for the sprites! Well anyway great eps and I can't wait to see eps 7! I hope that you'll answer my questions and let me know what you think about my suggesstion about DarkSonic. Well great job on this ep keep up the kickass work! P.S. sorry for the long message/

what was that

fox has a darkside and its been unleashed now what will happened to the others and why did wolf destroy the great fox? and i wounder will the repair bill be so high?

what happen?

what about the main charaters' battle, and mario should of battled the other marios, to make the wait be werth it. its not bad and all, but you should of gave it a different cover at the starting of the movie, so could at less know what it is about. seriously, fox wopped wolf's but.

my fair verdict

i agree what um *reads the username below him* gmon says. it's a nice effort but overly dramatic and unnecessarily gruesome. I'm not saying that nintendo based stuff can't have blood, it's just that you just killed wolf out of the blue.

you put a style into the fights that works but you lack a solid story. then again I'm hooked to the fight and nothing else XP. also it was unnescesarily one sided in the begining. also I don't think it would hurt to add a little more story in it. I understand that it's just a random fight but you started the fight with dialogue. It's only right that more depth follows that.

and btw. that cheep trick where you turn the sprite in an angle for a kick is not pretty.

good effort

not bad except that as some others have pointed out before it is a bit overdramatic. the other scenes are basically set ups for episode 7 so will wait for that before commenting.

being all sprites, it takes more than random movements and explosive special effects to make a good movie. same as for your other episodes. something has to stand out.

super mario bros Z has got the fighting and story down pat, bowsers kingdom has the dialogue, etc.

its not easy, for its lacking something original. its good that you're trying for new stuff in this episode though. hopefully you find your place in episode 7.

Good luck!


But when Fox returned and beat the crap out of Wolf, the song ''Let The Boddies Hit The Floor'' shoudn't be there...it would've been better with the son ''Die motherf***er, die motherf***er, die!'' by Dope :D

But AWESOME 10/10 5/5

Well done!

You have improved greatly from your last flash with animation and storytelling, though there are still a few grammar errors here and there, but I'm not gonna be nitpicky about that. A few things, though.

For one, and this is a small one, the menu button sounds were kind of annoying. I'd suggest a sound that's not so sharp.

And as for the other thing, I'm sure you had your reasons, but a one-sided fight are not really fun to watch. Even though Fox did make one hell of a comeback, having a few neck and neck moments makes for good entertainment. So that even though the viewers KNOW who's going to win, you can give them a little suspense. Same with the easter egg.

And I thought it was kinda weird that Wolf percentage didn't turn red even after passing 1000%. But other than that, It's a well made flash. Looking forward to the next one.


Wolf...........Got..........OWNED !!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!! i love the 666% effects on the charcaters.
Giga Bowser? Evil Fox? WTF IS NEXT???? Black Suit Link??? i love this lolz

im a hardcore mario fan so the awsome mario is cool for me lolz.

great job!

I loved the animation and the song The Best Is Yet To Come in the beginning was amazing.

wow strange

well as if there wasn't enough ssbb vids i would count the battle as a little overly dramatic with fox dying then coming back to actuly do something. I know the fans of this seris are going to disagree with me but it just did not work for me.

Not as good as the others...

Sometimes blood just ruins a fight, espically when its not nesscary. This episode was short and the filler (stuff in an animie that doesn't advance the plot) was actually not that bad. This episode did come out quicker than expected though, I'll give you that. On the side note: Fox knocked Wolf's damage meter pas its limit! Thats not fair XD. I also recomend that you spell check because becuase sme of the spelling and grammer in the movie was inaccurat. You could get someone who to check for you or use a computer. Other than that, your movie turned out... OK. I guess I'll add it to the SSB Collection ;)

Omfg that was awesome.

I'll give this a nine, because after the Extra Battle, the Back button was a Replay button.


l lOved every scene of it. Music and animation was awesome in this flash. Just the ending I liked.

I like overkill fights but...

That wasnt really a fight, it was more like Fox killing wolf, Would have been better if wolf fought back the 2nd time i mean cmon hes wolf lol, i dont think wolf should have been slashed to pieces either, kinda makes the storyline sloppy and messed up and wtf is with fox? he now has satan powers for some reason! yeah thats a gd idea! -_- , but the flash was still pretty gd and i liked the use of music in this flash, and yeah the overkill was good as well so i gotta give you credit for that i guess, i like the series too so gd Job
*Extras bit* - Cmon we all know luigi would kick mario's ass! xD


i was wandering when this would come out. what a fatality!!

As long as its good.

If the movie as a whole is good, it's fine by me.

Not bad!

I've been really curious to see this episode and this content, this is a good work, no doubts about it, but the main story was interrupted by a bloodstained battle that Fox engages aganist Wolf, the battle was surely well-made, but the story behind that is confused, plus a "random" appeareance of Pit and Mr. L.
Anyway, this remains one of your best flashes.


it was cool but as XIMrPantsIX wrote the 2d,3d thing was bad but, it was great!

Fox/wolf Battle... -_-

So I love the originality of taking the Primary Lotus attack from Naruto and DBZ's Instant Transmission attacks and giving them to Wolf randomly to use. >_>
Your use of 3D would be fine except you were using 2D characters, so the 3D effects with Fox took away from the immersion of the movie. It's like your watching this cool fight scene and all of the sudden Fox turns and clearly shows that he's two dimensional, and you remember that you're watching a movie.

When you ZOOM in on a sprite, you get....


not the best but not bad

ive been watching st from the beginning and ive always loved it. but...you really need to learn to spell bud no offense you make amazing flash but it was really bad in this one...
on another note i can't wait to see what happens to mario and just WHO is Mr. L??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Well Done

As much as I liked the old fight style better, You actually pulled this one off perfectly. The music matching it was great too and you made the angles and intensity perfect.
Also 666% Damage was classic.
P.S. whats mario gonna look like now that hes complete...and who were those other two marios..the blue and purple ones.

Rather good!

Well, I'm going to be honest here, without trying to sound rude. The 3-D effect is a nice idea, but not in the sense that you used it. Due to that, characters come across as if they really are 2-D, if you know what I mean. Next, I didn't understand the point of Pit and Mr. L in the middle of nowhere, just walking. Lastly the fight: Kind of odd to see Fox Mcloud, a hero who fights for the right thing, go completely insane and rip Wolf to pieces. And the "promise," is something I do not understand as well.
All in all it was really rather good, but short with some confusing methods.

upgrades and downgrades

the wolf vs fox fight was cool but it was too one sided also the3d effect wasn't your best idea sorry -_- however the story of mario is starting to draw me in so i can't wait for whats in store next time =D

good but could be better

like you said, you would like some constructive comments so. here i go

for starters you shouldn't do the 3D thing like you did unless you can actually make/find sprites like that. no offense but it looked a tad weird

2nd. i suggest somehow wolf comes back to life. no offense but i hate deaths to main characters

3rd. please don't use japanese lines; i know they must be from the actual characters but theres no point when the english ones are out too

sorry if i sound demanding but i'm just being honest and constructive (i think)

but none the less i do like it how the 666% thing is being used on other characters and iguess this is more of a mini spin-off isnt it

keep up the good work

I have seen all other episodes..

I had been waiting for this episode. Unfortunatly. I think it didn't have much content... I mean. All we did see was Pit walking and we did see Fox and Wolf fighting. I didn't get much progress in the story.

Beside... what was all that stuff with Fox getting into a rage? I mean, Wolf did win, then Fox rise from the death to kill wolf? I mean, that makes no point at all. You should base it a little on the game... like making Falco an appearance and saving Fox's butt as he use to...

Pretty ok, but you can do better


It was nice, but sometimes the graphics just where terrible, and what happened to your spelling? Typos or you don't know english that well?
Anyway looking forward to the next episode.


Well to be fair... it's ok, but not good. To me the fight is kind of one sided with one person moving really fast around the screen while the other stay in middle and add some flashy effects. Maybe you are busy with something else or something but I wish to let you know this, I can wait and I think most other fans can wait too no matter how long, you should take as long as you need to make what you consider to be decent job, this one... I feel you are just rushing it.

pretty good

The fighting style keeps changing in each of these you release. I like it! For those of you bashing for it being mostly fighting: can it. This is is a series, you have your story episodes, then you have fighting episodes, and a few with both. simple as that. The extra fight scene was very well done. Overall, it was very well done. Keep it up.

very nice

i was expecting you to continue the fight with master hand, but oh well. good job. i really hope you continue that fight in st7

I have to agree with S-hane

I have a feeling that you have lost your touch, you concentrated more on the fighting then the depth of the story. Especially the part where fox fights back and you try to make the fighting synchronize to the music. I love that song and it fit the moment, but I couldn't help but laugh when it hit the chorus and see fox destroying the buildings like as if the music was counting for fox.
In my opinion I reckon that wasn't a good move, like the fighting was ridiculous as it is already.

I couldn't take in the reason why Wolf wanted to fight. It was like they were just both slapped bang on the top of the ship (uhh forgot what it was called) and Wolf saying "I have a fetish to fight you," then boom it starts. I can't take that in as a story.

Also I reckon the 2 fights we're way too long, 1st fight, you just see wolf beating Fox up, then 2nd fight you see Fox beating wolf up. You couldn't at least make them fight back? It wouldve made for entertainment.

ill give you an overall rating though

graphics - 8/10
sound - 7/10
story - 3/10
length - 5/10

Overall - 6/10

Im still a loyal viewer of the series, ill look forward to your next episode


i got a few complains but not so much
i really like your series dude and i want to to continue with them
you got a bonus cuz of the final :P
you are not so good as Alvin but who cares this is great XD
anyway Good luck dude
(good thing that episode 7 is coming up)

not the best

it was to short and not enough story line,
i loved the other ones but this was just complete and utter rubbish

Really Great work!

I really like your work and your style :P somes tuff was too unatural but it was really distrating anyway ;)

I've noticed 3 word you misstyped in the last scene (maybe there's more but i've only seen them at the moment :

Peaple = People
Destroied = Destroyed

Im waiting for the next one (st 7) ^_^

Continue your good work, LordSicnarfSiatlam

Ps: I want your SoundTrack! Loved all the music in there ^_^

what can I say....

the quality of the production in general is very good. It is very nicelly animated for a sprite movie, even tough I know it is actually quite simple I found it very nicelly done.

What I dont.... you know.. really like aout the series is that it is very stereotypical. How many sprite fights do we have around??? I think that, honestly, it is easyer to animate the "fast sprite fight" because you can go all fast , making a few tweens and color gradients to refelect this velocity and Dbz-like action and people wont notice small mistakes if you fuck up here and there.
Never being a fan of dbz stylish fights I dont really relate to this movie... but hey Im sure some people around will like it.

Nice sprite artwork here and there tough. not one of my favorite flashes but worth watching.

My only suggestion would be (since I know you can draw already) to... create a less stereotypical storyline or something because I have seen this a lot of times before.

the thing with fox was a little unexpected

like some of the other people
i thought the fight was pretty cool
there were a few typos that couldve been fixed
and the scenes with pit wer a bit confusing
but i digress
it was a pretty interesting video
the 3-d punch effect was...okay. i mean it seemed pretty cool but it distorted the sprites a little

all in all it was pretty good
you get a bit of a bonus for the extra

Spell Check is useful


Yeah, not exactly a great way to end a movie. To be honest, I didn't like what you did with Fox and Wolf. Seemed too unnatural. You could easily tell that Fox was 2-D, where you stretched him out so that one part of him was barely noticeable. You need to fix stuff like that.

couple problems that botherd me

for one it wasnt smooth enough there were parts where you could hear the punchin sounds and stuff but durin that certin part the whole frekin flash just froze and i wanterd to know more about mario and master hand i dont care about fox but there were some good parts to like when fox got super pissed off and drowning pool music good job man

Good animation but...

You're lacking what got you fours on the others, mindless violence with about 4 vs 4 people. This focused on Fox and Wolf, it was quite boring due to the fact that you had one fight each other, but the other did not fight back. Also it was quite choppy at times and you focused quite on the mediocore plot.

It's good but...

It's good but it's kinda lame


please rename it. that was disappointing, like you were seeking to make another dbz fight, the 5 is for the ending-the last piece of storyline was with mario. everything else was crappy and dbz thingy, for no reason fox and wolf start fighting even though fox even didn't hit wolf back. just like in dbz first one of the attack allot then the second attack allot its always the same pattern. AND STOP USING TO MUCH FILTERS!!!

te la jalaste contra fox wey!

todo que solo se puede llegar a 999% y tu le diste en la madre a wolf hasta mas de 2000 XDDDD
que pedoooooooooooooo? XD
para colmo en cachitos lo dejaste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wena song d drowing pool, con ritmo aparte

t fallo algo.........."peaple" ???


that was friken awsome!Wolf got his ass kicked and all the friken fighting great job dude!


now dat was EPIC !!1!! I loved evry secnd of it it so good !!1!!111


The movie was well done, don't get me wrong, but it could have been much more. The sprites you used lowered the quality of the overall presentation because they were simply sub-par compared to the actual movie. The animations of fox rotating when he went all evil also looked a bit sloppy because they stretched the sprite really bad. I was also hoping to see an original storyline rather than another show-off fight scene that so many sprite and stick movies rely very heavily on.
Overall I'm not disappointed but I still feel that this isn't all you are capable of and that the sprites are really holding you back. Hope to see more of your work that'll better show what you can do :)


Right at the start Fox didn't even touch Wolf. Wolf just kicked his ass until Fox got some dark, mysterious power, the 666 power that Bowser has, and Wolf didn't even get 1% of damage until Fox got said power. Why does Fox have that power? That's also another thing, it's like Fox didn't even stand a snowball's chance in hell against Wolf, despite the fact that Wolf and Fox have fought before and were very evenly tied up. Also, tell us why Wolf wanted Fox to apologize about something?

I must say

This has to be one of the worst movies i've ever seen on this site.

Horrible ripped sprites, awful story, awful graphics, awful 'fight scenes' that made me laugh uncontrollably due to how awful they were, awful script, awful choice of music.....

....I have seen your other movies, they are pretty decent, and I wish you would focus more on your original concepts than making yet ANOTHER clone of that absolutely awful 'Super Mario Bros. Z' series.


fox really does have a dark side


battle was a bit of a overkill but what is with the awakening scene

Good, but. . .

Way to many special effects. I mean, they're all good, and really cool looking, but theres just too much of it. I wouldn't bother with the 3Dish effects you did with Fox in any future episodes. And even though I think the song "Bodies" is old and overrated, I thought it went really well with this.
The fight itself was WAY too one sided, thats my major complaint. Even though the fight was still very intense, after awhile it starts to get old. I would like to know where you got thoughs Fox sprites, I don't think I've seen thoughs before. Well, good luck with the series, and sorry for what happened at your town.


It was alright. One thing I didn't exactly like is, you tried to do way too much with the sprites. Showing Fox from different angles when he was kicking from the buildings and everything, but it just ended up looking strange because it was two-dimensional.

The fighting was kind of typical of a sprite animation. Everyone overpowered, is what I"m getting at.

But I can tell you put a lot of effort into this, and it's pretty well thought out. Not bad.

hey i liked it

I thought the battle scene was epic and lods of cool effects lots of fun stuff here :P


that was a terrible,the fight was horrible
only the story was good

Not Impressed

The battle scene wasnt entertaining at all. One side shows of power/overkill for extended periods of time isnt fun to watch if it isnt followed by a minute or two of equal fighting. The effects were (by my standards) ok.

Id siggest making the next one longer.


but was expecting more from the previous fight. didn't think that u were going to flip it when in episode 5 u ended it with sonic as the newcomer not even seeing him or anyone else in this. dont get me wrong, awesome flash. just unexpected thats all. cant wait to see more and home everything is good with ya now back home!!

This is just awesome!

I can see alot of work went into this. The only thing I dislike is some of the 3Dish effects you tried to make (Exmp: Fox kicked Wolf and you tried to make it 3D) It just doesn't work with sprites unless you've made a sprite for that situation. Anyways other that keep up the good work, also could you send me those Fox sprites?


You have out done this man. Its reallt cool. Can't W8 FOR SSBS7!!!!!!!!

Did not enjoy this

I did not enjoy this flash, some of the text was spelled incorrectly. The angles you tried to create just weren't great to me. Your backgrounds were wayy to blurry... Like Oogock said it has a dragon ball Z feel to me, I'm not saying it is but it feels like it to me.

What really pissed me off was using those japanese voices... I mean really ? Why would you do that? If you were going to add voice overs, use english ones. When wolf got torn in half that was just really weird... ! Couldn't you get someone to make a custom sprite for you? This is based on my feelings on the flash.


the music at the beggining was kick ass

I'd like to request that you pm me the name of the music you used for the newcomer scene

animation: 7/10
art: n/a sprite movie
originality: n/a tribute
plot: n/a tribute
flow: 7/10
overall: 7/10


I think you have some influences about naruto or some anime there
the time fox transforms, (that may be because he is a fox and kiuubi of naruto also is a fox)
so maybe you let it get you to make this movie huh?


owned much :)


idk this movie wasnt really doing it for me. it just seemed like another one of he many dbz tributes out there. the thing that bugged me the most in this was the fight between fox and wolf. it didn't even seem like a fight. it was just wolf beating up fox while fox stood completely still and then fox beat up on wolf while he stayed completely still. it just didn't cut it for a good action movie. overall it was alright and is still worth a 3/5 and 6/10

Oh nooo!

Poor Starfox!

This is great and get a 5 because of the

Chrono trigger map.

I for one think?

1. This movie is great. 2. That it's not stolen. 3. Who ever think that it is, is an idiot. and 4. Shouldn't be blamed because of reasons 1 through 3.






This was some pretty awesome fighting you had, and it wasn't filled with DBZ chargisodes either. The only thing that you should have done was gotten a voice for the characters. Didn't really care if it they actually said anything, I would have been fine with some battle cries.

not bad

In fact i like it

It was ok

that wasn't that good, the only part of the fightscene was the very end. The reason i gave it a seven is that i want to see this series in its completion untill i really judge it. i liked though that your building to a climax, but don't make me wait any longer, climax already.

i am accusing you of.....

THIS MOVIE BEING AWSOME MAN!!!!!!!!!! nice work make the next one longer though

Full of WIN

At first I thought... NOT FOX... but his come back was EPIC!!!!
good job :) The flow was great, The music, the FX... everything was on POINT


All that work was well worth the time spent!

Best sprite movie I've seen in a while!

It was even good looking on low quality! I didn't really see anything bad about this movie, my only advice is to keep up the good work.


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4.46 / 5.00