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Well im deadspinosaur from youtube and here is the first episode of the all-new spinosaur series 2. In episode 1 the series starts off with the iconic velociraptor and spinosaur returns in this new series only to be chased by these killing machines in the FIRST EPISODE! All for your entertainment off course. Anyway being episode 1 it isnt that good compared to the others but enjoy it anyway as it is still pretty nice.episode 2 (and maybe 3 or 4 depending on the final number of episodes) will be on newsgrounds and the rest of the 8,9 or 10 (undecided as of yet) will be on an exclusive DVD on the deadspinosaur productions site. go to www.deadspinosaur.co.nr now in fact as there are loads of things to do there including a wiki you can submit to, a forum you can spam in, and a number of other things too.Anyway enjoy the video and be sure to comment and visit the site!

EDIT: sorry i uploaded the wrong version.the new one is up now.i replaced it.watch it again now.


eyebrow-raising, at least.

You know, it wasn't too bad. The little dinosaurs were funny when they ran.

Actually pretty good.

The graphics were kinda poor. It caught my attention, though. I was quite amused when that gay music started playing when the little dinosaurs were chasing after the big dinosaur. I don't mean gay in a bad way, though. I think... So, I guess you did a good job here.

deadspinosaur responds:

comment appreciated but one thing,since when could music be gay? (probably can in extreme cases actually but here?). also this is my first flash animation.the rest of the episodes are better.i'm going to upload episode 2 now.

pretty good

it's good and it would be better if you improved the quality but overall well done

Pretty good

Nice sprite movie. where did you get the background? could do a little bit on the audio and animation but otherwise okay. :)


I like. it looks like you worked hard on this. I also like the Pokemon music.

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Oct 18, 2008
6:48 PM EDT