Rock lee sprite movie

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Yea its my first sprite movie need some pointers of course be as harsh as you want i need not nice comments.. enjoy maybe


good job

it was a good animation but rock lee never gives up

Cool action!

I like the storyline, and that swingin' monologue at the start! Quite a cool sprite movie I might add ;)

There are some bugs you should fix, like the "play-button" x)

Hope you have a nice day!


You did a decent job but you need to put sound effects for every time they hit each other, not just sometimes. You also need to work on your English such as when you forgot to put in the u in Sasuke's name and some other typos. You also HAVE to have more action, I'm assuming that you're using a sprite sheet that is pre-made so that shouldn't be so hard.

Follow through with a better end to the fight.

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Jokester401 responds:

yea thanks i kinda have a guide now lol you've been the most helpful out of all the comments

Its ok

I hate everything that Naruto stands for but this fight was ok. Get more sprites for the battles and some more music. All in all good start.

Has potential...

It was a good first sprite flash, it had a good story but the animation was just too choppy and slow. It also needed sounds to make it better.

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Jokester401 responds:

hmm yea choppy and slow im thinking i need to either speed up the frame rate or slow it down to give it that smooth transition feel to it ill toy around with it and see what happens..

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2.51 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2008
12:07 PM EDT
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