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This dress up game is my first and i do think you'll enjoy it or no but it would be good if you do so if there is any problems just tell me and i would appreciate if you could leave a review and tell me what you think and if your gonna say its not to good or just completely crap tell me why and i will put music on it soon but not now later im to tired so i hope you like it


5 Points...

I gave it a 3, It's not really great, but with some work on it it should be okay..

Also, I dont wanta sound mean, but, your menu screen is just... awfull -.-'
Maybe do some inprovements on the menu and stuff and hey, it might be a fun game then!

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As is expected from a begginer

As you have expressed you wish not to be held in a pro light but a beginners light. I can respect that. Comments: The clothes need to have had a little more time taken on them so that them look like clothes and not just blobs with color and design. The hair doesnt fit the head so try and gauge the sizeability a little better. Good Note: you wrote the action script ( i assume) and that is a big thing to do. Learning actionscript is a tough thing to do. Maybe not for a dress-up game but definitely a good thing to learn for future submissoins so stick with that. Overall it looked very rushed, however not the worst ive seen and ive seen alot of bad. Practice practice practice. Dont just pump crap out just for the fact of " oh look i made something" Work on something you can be proud of. It aint easy being an animator soi i suggest if there is some form of community college near you than see if they are having seminars on flash animating and try and slip in on a lecture or two. Although not recommend by law.

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Trilliams responds:

This review is very helpful well to me any way and yes i did do everything i am just beginning to learn and understand action script and the high school im going to is a good animating school that will teach me stuff like action script and other things like that and i took in everything from this one to make a better one well stuff from this like the stick guy and some of the things where you put him but its not just going to be a remake of this its going to be much more one last thing you should do allot more reviews because it makes total scents to me and it was the best review of any of my flashes and its very helpful

hmmm..pretty cool

i really liked this. i made an angry guy with jeans, a white tshirt, and a purple jumper and boots. o and a body and some white underwear. its fun, but would be better if after you made him you could get rid of everything except stickman and his clothes and then put some more backgrounds like nightclubs and stuff. overall, i liked it.

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pretty good

i don't usually like dress up games but this one was alright, on problem though, the pink head doesn't work, but i don't care much for stuff like that, my friend purplefridge's game 'adopt a pancake' had tons of glitches.


There are simply too many of such dressing games, but since this is for stickman, so well, i am still okay with it, but my expectations is of course higher then normal!!

Firstly, the shirt is so badly drawn, it just simply don't look like a shirt at all, maybe you should draw the shirt the way your draw the pants, they look so different!!

Secondly, the purple "head" cannot overlap over the original black "head", the other does, some glitch over here, perhaps??

Trilliams responds:

of course

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Oct 18, 2008
4:08 AM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up