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Hunted Forever

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Dear pathetic meatbags, our world is currently in the process of being blown up. Your cooperation in trying to not die miserable little deaths would be much appreciated.

Controls: Arrow Keys or WASD

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I like it and i'm putting it my favorites. Its SuperMeatBoy-ish Limbo-ish Another World-ish. Tha animation is smooth as silk, the character moves so slickly from the way he turns, to the way he hangs on the edge of a just missed platform, and then wings himself up it. The levels ar nicely done, not linear, and not to open world. You feel like your always pushing forward towards the ultimate goal, but that you have a bit of freedom to go where you like and explore a bit. The voice that talks to you via the text box is great, and love that he calls us 'meatbags'. The upgrades give an RPG-ish feel. The enemy is challenging but not annoying (so far as ive played) and for all this greatness, there is only one thing, one tiny teeny incy wincy miniscule little thing, that lets it down, is frustrating. And thats the dang jump button doesnt always register your input. I dont think its my keyboard as i tried switching between WASD and the arrows, but still, on crucial moments, or just when frollicking the beautiful yet deadly as feck awesomeness that is this game, i push jump.....and he doesn't jump, and its the only reason i havent give it 5 stars. because if it wasn't for that. if he jumped EVERY time i press the jump keys. THIS GAME WOULD BE PERFECT. so apart from the jump problem, this game is brilliant, and i hope to see a bigger better sequel, tho this is gonna be hard to top.

Very nice! fun and has nice animations :)

I like playing on the hardcore mode because its more challenging which I like

I love this game! I can certainly see why it won Daily Feature! I have no idea how I didn't come across it before. You really do make great games, acrazycanadian. The music is wonderful in this. I love how it isn't too hard or easy. Then again, I am on "Normal" mode.

It was great fun just to jump around everywhere. The designs are very well done, too. I like the sounds, especially with how the enemy fires. I should have realize he could kill you in one hit with that death beam. The squids were weird, but cool.

the way he won't jump half the time when you're running and hit the jump key = screw this game.