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EDIT: DAILY 4TH!?!?!?! I LOVE YOU NEWGROUNDS :3 Tutorial collection too! Thanks Tom :D!
Wow. This took a while. You'll see what you mean when you see how much detail i've put into this and how many frames. My proudest work to date. This covers:

Enemy AI
Health And Items/Powerups.

Sorry about being weak in enemy AI, i'm not very smart in it :P. Right click for options, and enjoy - I put a lot of work into this :)

EDIT: Added Flash API - be sure to click the ad for me ;D. I like moneh :D.

EDIT 2: I flicked through a few reviews, some recent concerning the music. There is a right click menu with options to turn the music off, to let you know ;).


This looks great but

This is great and all but i dont really understand could you send me a engine of this so could edit around and get use to the code

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THANK YOU! but...

Ive been trying to get some good actionscript for my Mario galaxy fangame and Ive now found it but.... like the door i did a ?block with on the second frame a normal block , then i made action script and put it like this, .... oh crap i just forgot it but i made it if " hero" hits it , it will not go to frame two(The one with the blank empty block) in the movie clip
Please can you help me !?

Absolutely Awesome!

Being a person who hasn't made a full game since he was 14, stumbling upon this tutorial was a big help to me, and anyone else who's rusty with action script, or even new to the concept. It's not flashy with super awesome effects, but you showed us that those effects aren't required and, overall, keep your attention throughout the tutorial.

The fact that you explained the whole process of the action script and divided everything very cleanly was a big plus for me. You minimized the risk of people making huge mistakes and having to restart all over again from the beginning. And it wasn't just a wall of text that we had to read and figure out ourselves, it had the perfect balance between interactive and informative.

I have to say, though, that it was a little too plain overall. If you added maybe a few transition effects and maybe some bells and whistles, it's overall appeal would be far more satisfying. Not having the ability to mute the music was kind of annoying, because I like to listen to my iTunes while i program, and then I have this jumble of music everywhere with this tutorial.

Other than those few issues, the overall effort put into this flash can definitely be seen through out the entire tutorial. I honestly hope to see more tutorials from you because you just make them right.

Cheers, Nintendavin.

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I thought this was a perfect tutorial, yes, it wasn't very descriptive in some parts, and had a couple of glitches, but I thought that made it even better... it made me have to figure the problems out, which helped me learn more.

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You know, the least you could do is tell us what version of flash this tutorial is associated with, and try to explain more on what to do when we have to make the movie clip inside the movie clip animation's frames itself...

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Oct 17, 2008
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