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G'day newgrounders....

This is a game i made a while back and got sick of it. I re-found it the other day and thought hrmmmmmm i'm going to fix this up and make it awesome then submit it to newgrounds ....

Well incase your wondering this is'nt the 'Awesome' one...

The awesome one will be more of an rpg thing with leveling up to get you more power-ups with hotkeys and such... and i will also pull some sorta sotry line outta my arse. so yeah have fun cos i dont have a web site to make a highscore board tell me what you get! my highscore is 1060 XD good luck beating that

anyways here you go

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This concept has been done before

Many times in fact.
And it still isn't that great.
You basically just took the concept and gave it bad graphics.
So give more attempt in your games.


the sounds were nice but the graphic was low and you can't get really involved or addicted because it looks like a remake of some other game.
add a cool background and different opponents, and this game could be great :)

buk09 responds:

thanks... I'm planing on making different opponents and such and up grading the graphics thanks for the feed back

Obviously low quality, but....

I know that's the idea here, is that this is the low-quality version. Apart from the obvious, the game is simple and fun, although it lags up a bit on my system (3gz DC Intel) around 500 points.

I could see playing it all day in a high quality version.

buk09 responds:

yeah... the lag is a problem.. i'm trying to fix that atm... and as for playing all day well... just for a high quality version will be done XD


This is a simple fun game!
I enjoyed this very much...


buk09 responds:

thanks :) glad you enjoyed it


Game is ok, but this type of game has been done numerous times and it just gets boring after 5 minutes.

buk09 responds:

hrmmmm looks like i will have to make it less repetitive (which has been my main goal since i found it lying around on my pc :P)

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2008
9:19 AM EDT