Clubby: Killing Season

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Just in time for Halloween... massacre the Eskibobs with a chainsaw, in this mini-sequel to the classic flash game, Clubby The Seal!

Arrow Keys: Move/Jump
S: Jump

1 of 3 random powerups drop every 400 points! (SUPER SPEED, DOUBLE-DAMAGE, INVINCIBILITY)
Fiery End boss!



sorry but this game is really boring


I was looking at the achievements after I played and apparently I killed a boss or something.. I didnt notice, which points out the problem of the game. its so random and you cant do anything expect for change direction once in a while and maybe put in a jump. Jumping means certain health loss though.

camera view is awful just like your reactions on comments

I am often a sucker for achievements, but No way I am gonna try to get them in this game.

overall nice graphs, bad gameplay, boring game. lets give it a 1/5 because it makes poop look good

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pointless in the unfun way

This game is pretty pointless, in the unfun way. Pointless games can be fun but this one isn't. You only need to move around, change direction once in a while and the game plays itself without you realizing half of the time what's going on.

I don't understand why there is a delay before you can jump again. It feels awkward.

The camera is pretty bad. I don't see enough of the ground. The camera is too high. While I can see everything that I need to, it just feels bad to look at that kind of camera.

The game is very bad, but it looks good. I'm assuming all of the score comes from it looking good and being for halloween. People give good scores so easily :P.

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RiftMaster responds:

You are pointless in the un-fun way :)


It's ok but evidentally clubby jumps when he feels like jumping.

That was...bad.

Gameplay is useless. You allways slide around the screen and achivements is terrible. And as Tomsan said: Camera view is awful just like your reactions on comments.


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3.51 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2008
5:57 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other