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Well here we go. I've spend really much time doing this flash so I hope someone will like it. I think this is the best stickfighting flash I've prodused so check it out.
Music credits are in info part so questions like "woah whosh track iz dat?" will be simply ignored.
Check out thanx part, who knows, maybe you are mentioned there...
aaah... well... We've the 2nd place... I'm so glad...
well ok... thank you all, who like this and go to hell all who didn't...
THANX AGAIN 4 checking this out, I'm so glad!

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Amazing work

An entertaining flash submission here I like the content you got going on with this one, its pretty interesting, and while its not the most perfectioned flash around i still thought it was pretty good, maybe later I will suggest some new ideas, but for now I think you did a good job on this one. I was Excitedly awaiting what would happen nexton this one. Here was some pretty amazing work lots of action fun stick battles and some nice effects all arounds. And with all that said I sadly come to a close on this review, or atleast almost, below are some improvment points hope they are used or even considered somewhat, but anyways this was a pretty decent flash entry could have used some more effort, more style and more all around detail.

Maybe the onlything you really need to work on would be some backround effects, there was some good effects but more focus on the backround would be a plus.


wow this is awesome you actually hate this?

Ace0fredspades responds:

hate what?

"Music credits are in info part so questions like "woah whosh track iz dat?" will be simply ignored."
sorry bud, i can't make out make out what the song name is? "anqa" or what? is it in russian or somthing? dont expect all to be able to read that gibberish. also, nice flash :3

Wow,no wonder why this was the daily 2nd Place in 2008,this was FUCKING awesome,keep it up whit the good work ;D

He is too mighty