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DBZ Alpha Remake

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............Hell of a lot like lizards sphere X

And i mean ALOT!!

Who ever made that icon is amazing *looks around*

Looks like a spin-off of Lizard Sphere X On the good side, your additions were clever, It is obvious how you made it like an average episode, dragging on and repeating scenes. Try one of your own concepts next time. It does not matter the concept of a movie, the quality of the movie itself is something that can make up for it. Never would I have thought someone would animate an ejaculation in flash, but then they do and low and behold they do more. I don't know how to beat around the bush, the character design was well done, and the "movements" were fairly good as well. I think that there could a more suited plot for the quality of your artwork than this, but that's just me. I would normally say that I would like to have more sound effects, but frankly I am fine with what you have if you get my drift.


Lol, the weird thing is it looks allot like Lizzard Sphere X, I dont know witch one was posted first but they both have the same Idea.

so, true, so true....

excellent funny pisstake of an over-hyped retarded POS cartoon. the voices were good 2.

good dbz parody

The way they were powering up and making those retarded sounds was pretty funny! LOL the charachters looked dumb on there

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2002
11:26 PM EST