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Daily Mouse Maze 10/16/08

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October 16, 2008

Hello. Are you a maze fan? Are you good with controlling the mouse? Do you enjoy dodging obstacles. If you do say yes to all of these, then you should play a game called, "Mouse Mazes." A mouse maze is when you use your cursor (mouse) to go from one point to another. In this case, you start at the awesome green dot. Next head to the red dot without touching any of the obstacles. Have fun. Oh yeah, the wall count as an obstacle. Have fun!

Hey kids, or newgrounds fans. This is my latest daily mouse maze. What's that? You said theres something different about this then the previous ones. You're right! There is something new! Can you guess! It's the brand new obstacle courses. Do not touch. You lose the same way as you lose when you touch the wall. Theres also a cookie inside. P.M. me if you find it.

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the red button was cose to the starting of the game so people make it easy to cheat.

Come on?

For another time, NG has a couple, in fact many of such mazes game to get started of with...I have very high expectations about such submits!

Firstly, make it cheat proof, it's like finish within 1 Second with clicks plus the finish button is just becide the starting button, isn't that even weird?
Secondly, why is the track looking so boringly done ? The file is over 5MB, i assume some good work, and ended up, the file size is only contributed by the music file itself only...The track needs more work, not just all out to maze blindly, but maze more intelligently...
Thirdly, there wasn't a replay button, at the very least show us some efforts being put into your work, will you? It's like submitted in a rush, without any quality check nor errors check!!!
Lastly, whats with the red button at the end of the game? It looks senseless, seriously! The red button is hidden initially, and i thought that was the replay button and hell no, it was just something irrelevant to this flash that just looks extra and contribute nothing!!

bad bad bad

honesty stop making these until you make them ccheat proof and more interesting than regular mazes

Thanks for the song!

Gracias on the song add. Makes mazes interesting.


...disable right click...

Wayyy too easy to just skip everything.

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1.43 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2008
6:45 PM EDT