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INTRO to movie never made

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That is just an intro to a movie, that I never finished, and probably never will. It does end after the character wakes up, it's not a glitch.
This was made over two years ago. Afterwards a lot of things happened, and I never got to finish it. And now I REALLY have no time for flash, even though I didn't when I was making it. Sorry.

Why did I submit anyway? Well... I wanted to show that I do can animate a bit! Hehe =D.



loved the intro part. I think you should finish the movie if you ever get a chance. Hopefully the story is better than the 5 seconds of sleeping. More of the beginning intro hopefully ^^

Angora responds:

It was supposed to be about 30-45 minutes altogether, coming in 3 parts. Storyline was quite well planned... I fancy making human-like personalities, no "I'm cool and you can't touch me, uh-huh" kinds :). Heh. Maybe I'll finish one time, but I doubt it. I have last year of high school soon, and then univ, so.... no time >_>.

Not bad

The art style here is very cute and simple, I like it. The song was a good one for the cartoon, and would definitely be a good opening for a future flash series with these characters. My only real suggestion would be to have the characters hop rather than just glide across the screen. It looks a lot more interesting when they're moving rather than motion tweening.

Also, they're holding the guitars upside down in the beginning, but that's just nitpicking :)

Angora responds:

Haha, sorry, I never played guitar ^^. And at first I did animate them bouncing, but wasn't satisfied with the effect. Plus I would be tormented to make a bouncy sound effect every 20 frames :D.
And by the way, the series tittle "No Time For Flash" was supposed to be an explanation to the lack of advanced animation :3. That's why it's sliding without any feet, and expression or "face" is closed into a head that doesn't roll around together with the eyes :D. I thought it's quite adorable though. I can do muuu-u-u-uch better, I just don't have time.
Thanks for the review ^^.

This is great!

This is a great animation here. Too bad we'll never see the ending...:(

Angora responds:

Well, I could tell you the ending =D. I could finish it, but I'm tired of working alone anyway.


at least you had time to submit it
and thats all that matters.

Angora responds:

Thank you :).


That could be masterpiece. Nice music and graphics. Cool work in fact. That will be banned I think =,(

Angora responds:

Well, wasn't blammed, hehe. I could come back to making flash, but you know... I really don't have that much time. I mean... time for fun? Damn me, I really just need to straighten my life, then maybe I'll finish.
Thanks for review :D.

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Oct 16, 2008
3:13 PM EDT
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