Doyu Jump

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Author Comments

Doyu Jump is the second game released by DoyuGames.com
The game is thought to be fast in order to play short matches.
The idea of game is to make the character (the Doyu) go as high as possible by making it bounce in a line that you draw with your mouse.

The instructions of the game are very simple: you just have to draw a line with your mouse just where the Doyu is going to fall.
There are also several object, some of them help you and some other don't. The goal is to go as high as possible and to collect gems to obtain a good ranking in the highscores list.

I hope you like the game, at least for some minutes.

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Great game

I like the concept, the graphics are beautifull and it´s very additive.

Decent concept, faulty execution.

I liked the basic concept, but felt the execution was off.

The controls and rules - barring the special items - are fairly simple. It took me a couple of goes to realise that I needed to release before the trampoline became active, but after that it was just about learning about the items and refining my technique.

I feel, though, that the level design could have been made more interesting. Rather than just be a random game, you could have forced us to navigate around tricky layouts of obstacles, introduced the various elements at a slower rate, rather than throwing it all in at the start leaving little to look forward to...

There's a couple of other faults that seem needless. Why should it take 3s each time we want to restart? It's a short time, but when we die, we want to dive straight back into the action!

And why's there no mut button?

I also feel the general layout and typography could be imptoved - specially on the 'tutorial' screen, with the slightly obscured start button and the building that first looks like it's part of the tutorial from its placement.

The idea is sound enough though.


the graphics where great, the gameplay was repetitive yet decent and the music wa annoying

well done

it was a break from the norm. there should've been, in my opinion, rewards for certin hights achived tho.

Doyu responds:

Well, the rewards are intended to be the best or among the best in the highscores ranking.


This game reminds me of cheap Schwag its awesome for about 2 minutes..And then leaves you wishing you would've got something a little better..

In a nutshell its fun kind of..But make something better, By better I mean Danker!


Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2008
12:50 PM EDT
Skill - Other