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Till Dawn

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Author Comments

EDIT: This is a whole new version of my earlier project "Till Dawn". Most people found the last version to hard and complex to play. So, I changed the whole damage/absorb system + some other things. You will now be able to choose 2 difficulties (normal + insane). I recommend to Not choose Insane if it is your first time playing.

After about 1000 cups of black coffé and sleepless nights it is finally finished. I am pretty sattisfied with the results actually. The game started as a dream and is now a full playable Hack ´n Slash Game.

I dreamt that I were trapped on a hill a whole night with endless of wolves, trolls and stuff like that. Although I got new weapons so that I could cut some of their heads. After that I got a massive bow which fired 4 arrows at once.

The game is about this dream. Survive 12 hours on the hill in order to see the next Dawn.

My dream did never end...will yours?


# Walk - Left, Right Arrow Keys
# Run - Shift
# Jump - Up key
# Double Jump - Jump + Jump
# Swing Sword - CTRL
# Fire Arrow - Space
#Release Rage - V

# Doubleswing (when learned) - Z
# Trippleswing (when learned) - X
# CritRush (when Learned - C


fan va bra ;)

grymt du borde fan göra en 2a den kommer absålut komma på en av mina favoriter :) hoppas du gör en 2a för det va bra som fan hoppas det blir bettre nästa gång jag kan fan inte vänta så som SICurios sa ta hela iron maiden the number of the beast skivan den passar jävligt bra men allafall bra!!

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Nice ^^,

Nice men jag pallar inte björnarna ^^

CyberXR responds:

Hehe :P Tack ska du ha Jonas. Först var det tänkt att bli vargar, men jag gjorde om dem lite så nu liknar de mest björnar. HEHE :P


And who am I to contradict the consistently high score this game is getting? Played it the first time, loved it, (eventually) completed it, and after the modifications, I've completed it on Insane difficulty. Well done, sir, this is a fantastic game and I look forward to the second installment.

The improvements you've made have been good and have made it a lot easier to control and enjoy. I finally got the hang of the upgrades, and I must say, the game is ALL about the upgrades. To those who are struggling, you've gotta get the third weapon (cleaver thing?) and the stab upgrade at least by the time the wolves arrive. And the triple strike and God Axe by the time those demons show up. Other than that, I didn't use any enchantment but the God enchantment, didn't touch double strike, went from dual arrow straight to 4x arrows and only used crit rush for the last boss. That's my personal advice, I'm sure everyone has their own way of playing ;)

Once again, CyberXR has developed a great game, one of my favourites, the only improvement I can see (although I loved the music) is switching off the BGM and whacking on Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden... that whole album was so fitting while playing... Run to the Hills..........! Quality ;)

CyberXR responds:

Hi SiCourious! Thank you so much for the great review which you took your time to write =) Nice to hear that you enjoyed the game so much :D INSANE?! HAHA! I don't think even I completed the game in insane mood :P Well played.

Nice tips and trix =) In fact I usually save up money for the third weapon to, and the stab attack is very powerful when you get the controll of it. Hope you tried the last weapon and saw the size of it ^^ Think I made it a lil bit too big.

HAHA! I had a lot of problems choosing the music. I will ask you next time I make a game and see if you have and good advices about the music :D

Thanks once again for your time =)


I played it all the way through and enjoyed it very much! I only died twice, and its annoying to start all over again, but still more rewarding at the end. My only complaint is that the huge Axe (God's Weapon) deceived you of the hit range, and although it looked very cool, made it harder to judge when to strike (slightly). Upgrades were decently balanced and quite exciting, but after dying once, you learn pretty quick how to get the upgrades so you are ahead of the pack. Regardless, about right for the average player.

Overall, very fun! I might even try the insane mode one day... I would enjoy seeing another game like this, keep it up!


CyberXR responds:

Hiiya FlashWolfs =)) Thank you so much, glad that you enjoyed it ^^ Have heard other people that complain about that thing, and the fact is that I agree with all of you. A save function would be perfect (like in my first game (donkey Kong RPG). Anyways, you can still wait for Till Dawn 2. There will be a lot more futures in that game + new weapons and everything (will for sure fix the hittest with the bigger weapons at that time ^^.

Have a nice day!

pretty cool

it was pretty awesome, once the goblins started coming out in i had major lag i even out it on low quality must mean my computer sucks i guess. and on the last level you might wanna tweak it cause i beat all the grunts and minions first before the boss and it went to the upgrade screen for another level but i was still fighting the boss but i was hidden behind the screen so i beat him invisible... i liked it though keep at it ^^

CyberXR responds:

Hello d5connec7ion! (lol, nice name) ;P Have had that issue of my own actually (dont think that it is mainly your computers fault, only graphic design issues). Anyways. It was good that you mentioned the thing about the bosslevels, couse I had never thought about it.

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Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2008
3:51 AM EDT
Action - Other