YAAFM 14: John McCain

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Reginold sets his demon sights on the Senator from Arizona, the Maverick himself, John McCain.



It wasn't funny, unfortunately. However, by rule of politics....

Equal air time...Now you are obligated to do one on Obama.

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Falls short all the way through

It just seemed like you were grabbing for anything purely because of a deep seeded dislike of McCain, not because he's stupid or morally broken. It wasn't funny and there wasn't that much material in the piece and you don't have to be a McCain supporter to see that. It seemed hastily constructed and very uncomplicated; there wasn't much to look at it seemed compared to earlier pieces in the series. In future it's better to stick with those people and concepts that truly are broken. In this all you pointed out was that McCain is old, tired and angry.

Now that the election is over I'm hoping we'll all get over the last eight years and try develop some sort of national unity. We all certainly have something to be excited about now and I hoping my fellow Obama supporters will treat McCain supporters with respect and understanding. And I hope that all those who voted McCain or for any other third party candidate will be willing to open their eyes to the possibility that our next president won't just be a president of democrats. We have worthy representation now and I think we'll all come to see that soon.


First time I've ran into this it's amazing I caught this late. I used to LOVE this series when it was kept up. I guess it's kinda lost it's spark a bit. I won't say it isn't funny. However I will say that we need something to spice it up a little bit. Also more frequent updates would be nice.

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Show some respect

I would have voted for Barack but show some respect

i've always been a fan...

...but you seemed to have lost it on this one. Your earlier works were humerous in the way you chastised people by using their own moronic comments and actions against them. This episode however failed to draw a chuckle from me however because your points were so thinly done. Sure we all know McCain is a war mongering, oil rich dinosaur who only chose Palin to gain the female and youth vote, and that his only foreign experience involves years of hatred at foreigners for imprisioning him. But there is so much more ammo you could have fired at this arsehole.

Keep up with YAAFM, overall its a great series.

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Oct 15, 2008
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