Crow Clock-Death to Rasp-

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Here is my first Clock Crew movie. Crow Clock despises Raspberry Clock and seeks to kill him! But why?!!!!

Watch and find out. I made this in 3 days (about 16 hours-1/20th of the length of time MX#04 took) so don't expect a masterpiece. It is good FUN 'though.

And yes, I am working on Miracle Explosion #05. Expect it in May-June.


VERY good.

The reason why I didn't 10 this entry is because I had to hear the annoying clock voices once again. (How many times do I have to hear stupid voice-ins?!) Other than that, this completely ruled. Keep it up. :)

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great job!

excellent movie! I too would like to see the origins of crow clock... I'm pretty curious as to how he came to be. I don't see why people would ever wanna blam this movie... it's really really good! people should actually watch the movie before deciding to blam it. clock crew rules!!!

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fourchinnigan responds:

If you have seen "I know what you did Last Summer" (which I haven't) then you know Crow Clock's origin & how he died. :)


El movie fabuloso! I was slightly disappointed that the clocktron force did not form the blazing sword (pendulum?) to strike out at crow clock. If only all clock movies were of this caliber...One question; has Strawberry Clock been deified? Is he now "the king of kings of the portal"?

fourchinnigan responds:

I wanted to have a blazing sword, but I got lazy. I wanted to finish today and not take an extra day making it extra spectacular. Glad, you noticed the nod to Voltron and didn't think it was Power Rangers.

Feel Da LOVE!

Why are some people so narrow minded? Who cares if others say 'clocks are bad' or 'because this flash focuses on the Clock crew, it must be blammed!' ? This flash is highly skilled and organized within the short time of three days..

Graphically, it's it high quality. The introduction is well done, as well as the clock pieces.. The trees could of been slightly better, but it's not really anything. The backgrounds fit perfectly into the moving graphical animation. As for the animation, it flows smoothly and is not like just a picture moving left to right, like what many supposed clock movies.

The voices and music play with marmony to the theme and the plot of this flash. The mysterious intro, the cunning beat of the tune as Crow Clock enters and the strong vocals near the end of this piece.

The storyline could of used as stronger ending. I was kind of shocked when the end was cutted off, with no replay nor credits. Maybe you could of tied up the ends? Otherwise, thi is a good plot of human vs. human truama (or in this case, clock vs. clock).

To summarize:

Strong points:
- Excellent flash in the limited time
- Music harmonized with the whole storyline
- Creative plot
- Graphics, voices and music suit each other

Points that could use improving:
- Maybe include creadits, or at least have a 'to be continued' sign atr the end instead of having the whole flash being repeated
- Fix up the few loose ties to the plot or at least give some insight. Like who was Crow Clock? Why does he want revenge?

w000t! w00000000000000t!

fourchinnigan responds:

Zeffy, did you close your window early?
At the end there are shared credits alongside a dialogue between Orange, Rasp, & Strawberry.


That was great! I am speechless, I really liked that movie, especially the way you did the credits at the end. Also I was in it so you KNOW it's gonna be awesome. :)

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Mar 5, 2002
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