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This game was inspired by the old SEGA Golden Axe games, hope you like it.

Story: A young Orc is captured, his family killed and is enslaved as a PEON. He must escape and take his revenge.

I'm not going to say much here, there is an in-game tutorial that gets you started. However, it helps to get Ramming skill mastered quickly.

Note:This game can run slow on older computers so make sure that you disable background objects if it runs a little slow for you!

Have fun hacking.

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i started off on hard

you guys are a bunch of wimps... i started on hard and noticed lots of patterns to defeating enemies.

each were vulnerable to patterns and on certain boards, the author would make combos of enemies that made it harder to exploit shit.

however, here's my tips:

#1 - dedicate all gold and experience points to strength and shit to double your attack (get that top level hammer, it's great). you dont need anything but to kill quickly.
#2 - running and jumping kills lots of enemies... you literally run away til you got a gap to run back to and run jump groups at a time. it's slow, but works. works super fast when youre strength grows.
#3 - find weaknesses in your enemies - giants with long swords, clubs, and axes SUCK up close. they cant touch you. simply knock them down OR run high on screen, then get lower than them and close. keep swinging and they'll walk down right into you repeatedly. rinse and repeat over and over.
#4 - because bosses have sidekicks, it makes them harder. take out sidekicks that are designed to stop you from destroying bosses with exploits. even if that means using your super.
#5 - did i mention to know thy enemy? it's the best shit you can do.

finally, if you find you are getting owned too much... just keep repeating a board, cuz you keep XP.

Great idea for a game, but...

1.) You need to lower the experience cap. The leveling up process was somewhat nerve-wracking since I didn't know how well I would fair in the next level. (This was on 'Easy' mode btw.
2.) The mages were really annoying. The melee enemies' swings were bad enough, but the magic beams were making the process of getting up darn near impossible!
3.) The Worgens carrying swords were almost as hard to do those special hits against as were the mages.

Other than that, I thought this was a great game overall! I'd love to see a sequel to this!!

its pretty good

i got my ass kicked on easy because i got massed by 5 people. have you ever thought about adding block and counter moves to make things a bit easier?


Good job on it dude. I'm suprised it didn't get the frontpage, but don't worry about that. It was really a pleasure to play this game, keep up the good work...
Just one question, the models, they were all animated by you? Or are they riped from somewhere?


Sometimes you get cornered and it get wailed on and twice I leveled right at the beginning of a level, so you might want to make the lvl cap smaller in the beginning.

Other than that, it was cool, nice power-ups. I dont think the trade in function works...