The Random Test I (3.0)

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yes I was forced to make a new account on New Grounds- my name didnt match the acount name so im re-submiting this before i delete the other...

Commentary from last one:

~~Note: this game is beatable and is not bugged!~~

=Þ~~~Yes I am working on The Random Test II!~~=Þ
*for more info about it look bellow!*

I have just added in the instructions page and removed all the links.
I know put my company name (Dis Dude) into the games begging!
I just fixed it so that wen you hit try agian you go back to the question you mest up on!
I just fixed the sound error when you click the sound buttons more then once it plays overlapping.

I will no longer be updating the game any more. (but i am working on The Random Test #2! *look bellow*)

my links had to be removed to fit the instruction button in to the game but if you want to see them look at the bottom of my comment to see how to get a PS3 for free!

If you like or hate this game pleas explain what you liked or dis liked not just 5/5 or its shit...

I submitted this game before and it was excepted but i noticed how many errors there where in spelling there was no sound and there was a misunderstanding at the begging so i removed it untill now when I'm resubmitting it.

~~The Random Test #2!~~

I have decided from people asking for continue of this game that i will make a number two, it will be much much harder and have a lot lot lot more questions! pleas comment of what you think i should put onto it. I'm pretty sure that i will not be making a #3 yet but it is a possibility.
For those who are not random enough to win....


1. Hit the word Random (yes its backwards) to begin!
2. D
3. A
4. C (but try hitting A for a funny twist!)
5. D
6. C

- enjoy! =D

Update: wow this time of being posted is deffently the worst rating of gotten out of the 4 times i subited my fist flash game lol!

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Obviously not my cup of tea.

yuour game proved something

i thought i was the master of ramdomess and....... PIEEEEEEE APPLE SIDER

kinda boring

hard if i were like 8. it's boring

points for being funny

I'd give you eight, except for Chuck Norris because that's been way overused.

disdude responds:

yha i guess so, but i lost two grades cause of that! petty harsh don't you think?

psh so hard to pleasd you guys, when i posted this for the first time some one rated 10/10 only cause it said chuck norris!!!!

not very random......

just dumb and quite obvious, i got 100% 1st time without cheating (waffles)

disdude responds:

yes i was defently told before that it was way too eassy! and i thought the sound wasn't working? how did you know the song Do You Like Waffles is on this game?

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4.10 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2008
4:31 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding