Zombie Survival: Outbreak

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Zombie Survival: Outbreak

Make your way through the never-ending hordes of undead zombies. This is your final stand!
Use your score for upgrades and equipment. Good Luck!

Don't forget to submit your final Score to the scoreboards!

CHEATS (Can't submit Highscore)
"stagger" - Gives you Full Ranks and 99 Grenades
"aimbot" - Always score a Headshot
"mekka" - Start with the Mech Suit
"mecha" - Start with the NEO-Mech Suit


Wasn't the best game I've ever played..but ZOMBIES

Zombies = 10 points, Killing them=2 points, in mechs=2 points, which are stupidly hard to get=-2 points, but you did give us the cheats=1 point...and its killing zombies...=2points...but sadly in the well overused metal slug style=-10 points

so yeah...5/10...

Oh no...

It started good, metal slug graphics, zombies, violence and gore.. But failed.
Like those nazirunnerzombies how to fuck u supposed to dodge them? Cant duck?! And that dude was slooooooow. Inna game like this id like faster tempo on the hero u play, now when u toss a granade it takes so much time that the zombies u aim are way gone... all those, small thing. And the knife? i usually slashed air cause zombies were too close and u dont have much time to take those needed back steps.

Placeable responds:

I honestly don't know why people find those zombies so hard. Just, simply, jump over them. It's easy.

The knife is very powerful if you bother to upgrade it. After a while just one good slice is all it takes to bring down a zombie; even groups of zombies!


But seriously, I appear to have lag when I try to jump once in a while, and it's not my computer slowing it down. When you play hard difficulty, that is the last thing you need


This would be that kind of game you'd play maybe...once or twice if your bored or waiting for something. Other than that, the game wasn't that good.


if you use the cheats and use the first suit you can just fire right and left and they just fall one after another making it easy to pass levels

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Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2008
12:19 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun