Rusty Drum Machine

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Hi all, this is a drum machine i been working on, its nearly complete but im just giving tit a test run. Let me know what u think.


Down With the Sickness...

I made mario and DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS on here...( the beginning part with the toms and bass drum!)

Sorry, but it's useless

It's nice that you decided to make a flash drum machine, but I have bad news for you... It plays uneven. I programmed some simple beats and when it came to one of the fills it completely screwed it. This is unacceptable, I'm sorry.

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StuDo responds:

Well i understand what ur saying but what im attempting to do will never match up to a Music Software Instrument that runs off the internal clock with in a computer. The problem with this is that it runs off a timer that is dependant on the CPU of the users pc and cycle speed that ur Browser runs at so it will always be a little erratic.


I liked it, I agree with monkeymany2k3 on the saving thing though. Maybe add a tutorial or something so people who can't figure it out can still use it?

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StuDo responds:

Will do this is just the BETA version, so expect a lot more functionality and help. THX for the comments.


I really loved it, im still messing with it right now. i would have to say that higher sound quality would be nice, the interface is easy to use, and possibly add a save function, it would be nice to be able and go back to open up a past killer beat you made! overall its great for a beta, nice going!!!

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StuDo responds:

Thank u very much, very pleased u liked. The save function is my next task and will be implemeneted soon. Also expect a good sample library that can be chosen by u the user and also a method of constructing a full song by tieing together the loops u create.

good idea

if u play guitar like i do ... and want custom drum this is a good idea ... but ... it was a little hard to work .. i didnt know how to get it to play slowwe .. or 8th notes 16th so on ect. and needs alot of work .. make a guide ... show tips on what to do ... anmd then re upload it .. cuz i dnt think this will make it

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Oct 15, 2008
9:15 AM EDT
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