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Miniature: Ninja

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We all know a ninja.
TADAAA! This animation has been delayed for..... about 3 weeks. I wanted it to be released at september 24th. But I had 2 school projects.... and other... stuff. Anyway if you are more interested check my account. Hope to get another animation done.... someday.
Anyway this is my 1st actually scripted movie.

Enjoy ^_^

P.S. A big tanks to kylelyk, for teaching me to implement subtitles.

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I really enjoyed the "sketchy" black and white style of this flash, I always thought that look went really well with the frame by frame style of animating.
The dialogue was fairly interesting and quite funny, not to mention the voice acting was quite good, I really liked the deep sound of that guy's voice. Cool stuff.
Overall, a fun and creative flash, nice work!

I didn't mind it...

I don't really like the way you used so many cleshe recorded coversation sort of jokes. It didn't seem real to me at all. I get that it was scripted but it was obvious. I give this 8 because some of the jokes where quite good, I guess it was a bit hit and miss in my books. The animation was mede-ocre but I think it worked well with the feel of the animation.
This animation wasn't the best quality but it had a nice style to it.
On to see what other things you've done!

Deathwiller responds:

How did you find this animation? It didnt seem cleshe' to me... Twas really that obvious? Anyway thx for review

Pretty funny

I liked it quite a bit, the dialogue was pretty interesting and your style of animation fit well with the subject matter. Murad136 is right though, it is difficult to understand the deeper voice (the guy talking about cybory pirate ninjas). I think a more climactic finish could have been fun, such as having one of the characters rip off a mask revealing he is a cyborg pirate ninja and killing the other one . . . something along those lines. More climactic.


Good work! Your really good at quick fame by frame animation, when there was movement it was well done. I didn't find it hilarious but I had a smile the whole way through. Also, the voice acting is good, but the computerized voice of the low person was hard to understand!

Deathwiller responds:

Finally a decent review... :D Thank you..

Amazing !

A bit short , by very cool ! 5/5 9/10