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OrgLIX Pregnancy Scare

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Author Comments

Been working on this for a while lately on behalf of OrgLIX using a soundtrack written and edited by Orin Drake and voiced by a talented group of voice actors (which unrelatedly includes myself) involved who are all credited, all layouts and animation were produced by myself.

Organization LIX is a parody of characters from Kingdom Heart's Organization XIII who primarily produce sketch-based audio soundtracks, this is one of my favourite episodes so I decided to animate this after Stickers even though it's a sketch with only some of the cast and lacking in Luxord played by myself.

I've deliberately kept the look basic in order to finish a project of this length and as I suspected the fans and watchers have expressed their desire for more, however I can't guarantee when I'll get more finished in light of full time work and many other of my own projects waiting for my attention.

Please visit www.orglix.org for information on the characters, cast, many more audio soundtracks, forum links and more...

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fun flash movie!



Tetsubo responds:


I have to agree with MetalShadowOverload

Xigbar kind of did sound like that Geoff guy from Total Drama Island. I did not think that this flash was scary since that little shadow heartless only raped Demxas on his leg and the most obvious fact that guys cannot get pregnant, but that was hilarious when I saw his face when he thought that he was pregnant. Maybe a Noboby's body is different from an actual person like DIZ, but I am certain that the male nobodies cannot get pregnant. The "talk" with Larxene was so fuuny, it was ludicrous from the part about praying to a certain god everyday to the part when she mentioned a person's "special place" will never be the same again, but I was surprised that she knew all of this stuff and she never was pregnant herself with all of today's safety methods except the one that really counts the most- Abstinence. I bet a lot of people want to touch her when she had that " I Eat Bush" shirt which that was a crack of laughter, too. That was the best horror-based comedy I have viewed so far this year. And I nearly died laughing when the same heartless was worried that his scrotem was about to be snipped.

Tetsubo responds:

Thanks very much for the score, in-depth review and discussion, we have our own personal takes on each member of the Organization at OrgLIX and nothing is taken seriously except the effort we go through to produce this stuff, the script and soundtrack were produced by Orin Drake and I handled the animation alone.

Don't see how horror comes into it and with the abstinence thing Larxene is implied to get up to naughty things with the affeminate Marluxia.

Kingdom Hearts Rocks!

That was so awesome and hilarious! Xigbar sounded like the cowboy kid from Total Drama Island, which was pretty cool. Great job!

Tetsubo responds:

I'm not familiar with that show but I'll take a look, that's how our Xigbar always sounds and he's usually compared with a certain Ninja Turtle.

Thanks for the comment though I can't take credit for the script or voices since Luxord & Lexaeus aren't in this one, only the animation side.

wow...man teen pregnancy

that is scary...but your flash just made it more funny...

Tetsubo responds:

Yeah, this kind of humour tends to be the norm for OrgLIX but that seems to be what people generally like nowadays, thanks very much for the comment.

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2008
8:18 AM EDT