The Farmer

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Try this fun and addicting game

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loved this game as a kid


No challenge at all...the only way to lose was to go rampage on your plants with the scythe, and starve your chickens, there were no events, no development, just extremely tedious watering! Booring! Even WITH fertilizers, it took forever to accomplish little...3rd world farmer is much more fun.

Not to bad.

Everything about the game is great!
But the game itself is to repetitive.
Can't really say anything more about it.

Nice game

I can see you based your game off the old SNES game, Harvest Moon. After about 40 days, with 50,000 in cash, this game really got boring. It was fun at first, but I quickly realized that there wasn't anything else to this game..

The graphics, mechanics, and sound were all great and everything, but you need more depth to the game. What made Harvest Moon so good was that you spent your money on upgrading your cabin, or farm, or spending money on getting a girlfriend (then eventual wife). There would also be seasons and little easter eggs... Little things like that make these types of games worth while. ...Playing for the goal of something. You could even add in stats for your character to upgrade (more stamina, better bargaining at the stores, charisma for the girls, etc etc).

The possibilities are endless for this game, but, sadly, I don't see any of it into the game. 7/10


Your RIGHT! It IS addictive!
The music is Great!
The graphics are Great!
The Scripting is Great!
The SFX are Great!
The Concept is Great!
The Options available are AWESOME!!

I suggest a second one, with more veges, more problems, more solving, more freedom. And maybe make a rooster required for fertilising eggs, so you can make FREE eggs!
The mind you possess must have the ability to be able to make that!
Great work.
Keep up good wook.
Make more.
More freedom, more options.

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3.42 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2008
4:23 AM EDT
Simulation - Other